Saturday, March 29, 2014

Reasons Why You Should Force him Into Panties Today!

The feeling of soft panties is a delight that Women have experienced for a long time. You should  get Your husband or boyfriend into a pair, because it has great benefits for the both of you!
Getting him into his first pair of satin panties is an exciting moment for the both of you!

The benefits of having him in panties.

Before You go through the trouble of getting him to wear Your satin panties, You might question if it is worth the effort. Let me sum up 6 reasons why it is definitely worth Your time forcing him into panties.

1. He will become more obedient and attentive while wearing Your underwear

One of the biggest changes any male undergoes when wearing panties is in their emotional state and how it softens. The panties change them. Men in general are quite focused on being the alpha male and have to show off their manly side in front of the ‘females’. Once he is in panties he no longer has the urge to show off this manly side. He is more docile and attentive since he is no longer in charge, whoever put him in panties is now in charge.

2. That new coworker he has been flirting with is no longer a problem

Think about how this would work. Your man has to stay late at the office with that hot new coworker. If You were ever doubting his commitment to You, putting him in panties is the way to go. Wearing his manly boxers during a weak moment of arousal or wearing a pair of blue satin panties will make a big difference to his behaviour and actions.
Being forced to wear a pair of frilly pink knickers under his pants will make sure he keeps his pants on in front of the ladies.
Being forced to wear a pair of frilly pink knickers under his pants will make sure he keeps his pants on in front of the ladies.
There is no way he will take his pants off in front of a sexy coworker if he’s in panties. How is he going to explain his choice of underwear to a potential sex candidate? “I accidentally put on a pair of my wife’s panties”? He is too afraid that his secret will come out so he will prefer to keep his pants on. Besides, his chances of sleeping with that sexy coworker diminish once she finds out he is wearing those soft frilly panties.
Once You get him into panties he is committed to You, and only You. His male side to seek other potential sex candidates vanishes because the soft satin has a suppressing effect on this urge. The petticoated or pantied male no longer feels the need to impress other females or show his alpha male side, which makes him more relaxed and happier in the long run. He no longer has to fight for his social status, since he is very aware of where he is now.

3. The satin panties keeps him aroused and ready to please You

Being sexually aroused is a great way to keep him motivated. Once he is in panties it’s important to make a habit out of his more dedicated nature by having him make You come or at least making sure he is putting Your pleasures on top of his priority list. The link should be made that as soon as he is in panties, Your orgasm or satisfaction is his main priority. Panties are a great way to make sure his behaviour and actions are focused on pleasing You.
You can make him go down on You every time you throw a pair of panties his way. As soon as his manliness is encased in this soft satin trap, it’s time to please You with his mouth. The biggest effect is when You actually have him in nothing but his panties. For an even more submissive partner You can always get a pair of handcuffs to make sure his arms do not interfere.
Once he comes home from work, make him kneel in front of You on the floor and lift your skirt over his head. Trust me, he will not need any more explanation than that. If you doubt this technique, see the first point I made. Wearing these soft satin slips will make him much more obedient and attentive. Your “macho man” will be taken down a few notches as soon as he slips into those red frilly soft silk knickers!

4. Soft frilly panties are a constant reminder of who is in charge

The tight soft feeling of panties around his manhood will be a constant reminder of who is wearing the pants in the relationship. If he is ever talking back to You or getting out of hand, simply say something along the lines of “Easy mister ‘I-wear-soft-satin-frilly-panties-to-work’! You don’t want me to say this the next time your buddies are over for a beer, now do you?” I can guarantee you that this will make him blush and shut him up. Whatever You say goes, get used to it. It’s wonderful!

5. Running the household is now officially his department

Unless You were very lucky to begin with, you were probably doing more around the house than he ever did. This will all change as soon as he is in panties. The next time there is a huge pile of dishes that needs to be done, his response will be much different while he is wearing your soft satin frilly pink knickers!
Once he is wearing full cut pink panties, the only thing he will be in charge of are the domestic chores!
Once he is wearing full cut pink panties, the only thing he will be in charge of are the domestic chores!
Once You get him used to do certain tasks, simply add new things to his responsibilities. I wouldn’t start with everything all at once, and throwing him in the deep straight away will be overwhelming at first, but once he does the washing up You can easily add vacuuming and doing the laundry to the list. Before you know it there will not be a single task left for You to have to do after a long day at work.

6. Panties are the first important step

Once You get him into soft frilly panties, the next step towards more soft satin items is smaller than you might think. Since he has submitted to the satin he is more likely to be willing to give other garments a try. Before You know it You will have him in a full satin french maid uniform. Now who is ever going to argue while wearing a soft pink satin uniform? If You really want to make a statement You can always get one that comes with a lockable collar. As soon as that padlock snaps shut he is trapped and he will know it, but let’s leave that for another time. For now, enjoy Your pantied sissy husband!

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