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How To Attract Women as a Gurl

Being interested or active as a crossdresser does not mean a male is gay. It is possible, but it should not be assumed. So, if you are a straight male who likes to dress up in Women’s fashion… how do you find a straight Woman to have a relationship with? Of course, if you don’t want a relationship, there isn’t any point to talking about personal things like your fetish/ obsession/ interest in Women’s clothes, cosmetics and so on. Unless you just want to get a reaction, kind of show-offy of you.

Also, if you aren’t straight, then why are you trying to attract Women?

Lastly, crossdressing is mainly on the surface, once you pass that and get into transgender males there are different issues. Do not ignore or be dishonest about crossdressing and/ or transgender issues. If you have made that decision then stand by it and don’t expect a Woman should like you in spite of it. If you hide something important to who you are, then how can you expect Her understanding, tolerance or affection when you have made this part of you seem like something you had to hide.

Are Women attracted to crossdressers?

If there really is someone for everyone, as they say, then there is a chance crossdressers will find Women who like, or tolerate at least, their interest. It may not go as far as sharing actual items of clothing, shaving gear and beauty supplies, but there could be a lot of fun going shopping together for fashion, cosmetics and lingerie.

There will be Women who are intolerant. Whatever their reasons, just leave them alone. Crossdressing does make a lot of people uncomfortable and that is how it is. Don’t take it personally. Be careful about which of your family, friends, associates and co-workers you share your personal information with. Don’t think to use it as a means of shocking people or daring them to accept you as you are. That’s a bit childish. Also, if you want to find tolerance than you should be giving tolerance as well. Tolerate those who do not accept crossdressing.

Meanwhile, look for those who have an interest in crossdressing. Once you find a few people who share your interest you will find more places to find more people and groups and so on. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t meet someone right away. Make yourself available and be honest with the people you meet. Don’t try to become the person they want, if that isn’t the person you are.

Women are attracted to males who can make them happy, males who listen to them and Women still like some romance. If you happen to be a crossdresser on top of that, it won’t seem so very important compared to everything else.

Being attractive to Women as a crossdresser.
Women who do like crossdressers tend to prefer those who are still male, with all the standard parts and no female body parts (like boobs). I can understand this. Consider how you would feel, as a male who wants to date a Woman, if the Woman you liked was wearing a fake penis. Not so atrractive now? There is a reason straight Women are straight, we like the male body with the hands bigger than our own, some chest hair possibly, a voice a bit deeper and other features which are kind of standard to the masculine.

Women might like a male who takes extra care with his appearance. I doubt too many Women would find fault with a male who uses beauty products to polish his appearance. However, the further along you take that the less likely you will find Women who will consider you as masculine.

I think the real problem for straight men who crossdress is women who see them and write them off as being gay.
I guess you could wear an “I’m not gay” pin, but that seems just a bit extreme. So, a straight guy needs to find other ways to make sure his sexuality is not ambiguous. It’s in your attitude.
Don’t go overboard in your appearance. If you exaggerate to the point of no longer looking like a male at all, how will Women know you are a male, let alone a straight male? Also, how will see feel about people (family and friends) who see you together? Yes, it does matter whether you like it or think it shouldn’t. Does it matter to you that people think you are with an attractive Woman?

Watch your body language. Do you come across as masculine in the way you walk, the way you stand and the way you speak? Is that what you want, the way you want people to see you? If you want to give off the appearance of being gay you should reconsider attracting straight Women. A straight Woman is likely to be looking for a straight male, crossdressing aside.

Use your knowledge and experience in being someone who steps between the lines to understand Women and appreciate the time and care they put into their appearance. Treat Her like someone special, hold open the door, take her arm in that old-fashioned way or hold Her hand in public. Little things mean a lot and those romantic gestures can make her feel Feminine and important to you. Besides, if you are holding Her hand – then She is also holding your hand.

Are you metrosexual or a full out crossdresser? Is it the Female look which you like or do you just want to do more with your appearance than the common, traditional male standards? Maybe the issue isn’t crossdressing but self-acceptance. Something to consider.

- Laura Brown

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Friday, January 24, 2014

From the Beautiful Mind of a Woman

Not all women would want a sissy.
Even if you enjoy having one, you should hold him in some contempt.
I never have sex with him when he is as sissy.
I never allow him complete masculine attire.

Once a sissy has worn panties he will always wear panties.

A sissy should carry a purse.
A sissy should get his nails professionally done every two weeks.
A sissy, when allowed to wear pants must wear ladies pants.
A sissy must only wear pretty shoes.
A sissy need's some make up at all times.
A sissy should be shown to other women

 (Your power over him should be demonstrated in public.)
A sissy should wear a bra at all times.
A sissy must accept the fact that, as a healthy woman you will need sex from a man.
If the sissy is humiliated around your friends he will just have to tough it out.

 (A little humiliation from your friends builds character in a sissy)

A sissy must learn to control erections and ejaculations, even if that means the wearing of a chastity device.
A sissy never questions your orders.
A sissy must look down in your presence.
A sissy must accept punishment.
When wearing a dress it is up to you whether the sissy passes as a woman or not.

(I often enjoy my sissy’s discomfort when I don’t allow passing)

A sissy does all the housework.
A sissy has no need for privacy.
A punishment should be painful and be humiliating at the same time.
Any opening in the sissy’s body is for your pleasure.

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Your new Female boss decided to make some changes to casual Fridays...

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sometimes There are More Questions Than Answers

I'm sure I'm not alone at all, when I take time to reflect on who I am and how I got to a particular place in time. It's always good to take time to reflect, look at the world around you, and gauge where you fit or don't. I guess this is one of those times.

If you've been following this little, or now not so little blog of mine, you'll know that I became hooked on Feminine things at a very young age, and it has stayed with me all my life, to now where I can freely express my inner Femme self, thanks to so many wonderful people in my life past and present. This does not make me unique really, as there are millions like me, who also have connected with their Feminine self in many forms, for a myriad of reasons and manifestations.

Somewhere along the way in my teen years, my fascination with Shemales began, and once as a young adult, I began to experiment on those desires, did I slowly begin to put the pieces of my inner Femininity together with the pieces of my exterior interactions in what would be broader defined as the "kink world".

As time has continued on and my journey has taken me to places unimagined, I've been able to slowly blend the three aspects closer and closer together; my devotion and submission to Femdomination, my inner spirit you all know as Devina, and my love of what makes Transgender Women so special. Within those things, also has come acceptance of my place within that hierarchy.  2013 was an important year as I made the transition with my Shemale encounters from once being primarily a top, to now being exclusively a bottom.  The help of a chastity device has ensured now that my she-clit will serve no further purpose as an instrument of penetration, and my asspussy now is the sexual organ that is paramount.  Quietly this has been a very proud achievement in my gurly life and I have connected deeper with my inner Femme spirit in those encounters than ever before.

My goal continues to serve my Mistress, and to combine my submission to Her, and to please Her by showing Her the results of Her patience with me, and Her skills of transformation. Her continuance in treating me as a gurl at all times, even via text messages, keeps reinforcing my life as Devina has meaning and value, and for that I'm so very grateful.

But that really isn't what is front and center on my gurly mind as I type this. In compiling new and interesting images, stories, and videos etc to share with you, I come across a mass volume of sissy material on the web, that I find myself going through to find what suits me and my needs.

Lately I've been wondering about those gurls who desire to transform, purely to subject themselves as a submissive to males. Since I come at the Feminization from the complete other end of the spectrum, I often wonder to my own amazement why they do what they do? Keep in mind, I'm not judging their choice in how they express their Femininity, but rather trying to understand what makes them want to be with a male in that state?  There is a mountain of material out there that covers this end in severe depth.

Now let me say one thing here, because you reading this might be saying, "It's about the cock you silly bitch!" LOL, well yes I know that! But it has to be something different (and obviously is) cos I LOVE the cock! I take a backseat to no gurl in my cocksucking skills. Devina is one damn finely skilled cocksucker let me tell you! =)  I guess I found my outlet of my cock desires in a way that doesn't require me to subject myself to males, and I'm sooooo thankful for following my curiosity towards Shemales. Between Dominant Women, and Shemale Princesses of the Female World, I have all I could ever hope for as a gurl.

So it's easy for me to accept the above truth, (submitting to cock you silly bitches! ;) ) yet concretely separate my needs that all that cock is in Female form, from all the other cock out there. It's ok, I'm not greedy in that way. Mistress Diva tells me how proud She is of me that I'm not just another sissy whore that will put any cock in my mouth or asspussy, and indeed I will admit to being quite picky even with my Shecocks.  2014 I think will take me to the precipice of combining all my loves, desires, and natural feelings of Femininity together to create something truly magical as a keystone marker of my journey into Womanhood. I can't believe it how far I've come, and how far I want to go. Follow your heart gurls, it will take you to amazing places...

Play Safe


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