Saturday, October 19, 2013

My First Sissygasm Quest - I Can Smell the Ocean

It all happened so fast really.  Normally my adventures are thought out, planned and mapped, but not this time, and that's what makes if so exhilarating. I really hadn't planned on a Shemale adventure this past Thursday night but upon realization that a long desired Shemale was visiting my city and that my only opportunity to see her was that very evening, I simply had no choice but to make arrangements quickly and to my luck was able to arrange a time that worked.

All my previous Shemale encounters have been in the skin of the EME, and not as Devina. It's an ultimate goal to make that transition to only have Shemale encounters purely as Devina, and suddenly I saw myself with an opportunity to take a step in that direction.

 My previous Shemale encounter was with a beautiful Shemale who I had seen before, albeit several years earlier, and in our visit, I was fully a bottom and it felt very natural to be submissive to Shemale cock. This time with a first encounter, I decided that I would ensure that in no way could I be anything bust submissive to Suzy's Shecock, and as I showered and prepared, I locked on my CB6000s chastity device. I was going to make sure that I was there to service her cock, and deny my own sissy clit any direct contact and the only asspussy that was going to be fucked was mine!

I made sure that my sissy clit was presented nicely inside a pair of satin hot pink panties, so there was no doubt as to my sissyness.

Arriving at the hotel suite, we made instant acquaintances, and exchanged kisses and a mutual attraction on a physical level. She was exactly as advertised and as I had hoped all this time. She wanted me to undress and I knew this was a moment I would not forget.  As I disrobed I did so in a manner where suddenly I was before her with my hot pink panties on and nothing else. As Suzy smiled she went to caress my sissyclit only to feel the chastity device beneath it. Unsure of what she was faced with she pulled my panties aside and gazed upon my sissyclit locked up tight and a measure of confusion crossed her face.

"I'm here on behalf of my Mistress to worship and serve your cock", was my quiet reply.

She quickly began to understand the scenario as she fondled my confined sissyclit held firmly in place by the device. "So I guess it's you that's going to get fucked then, hey sissy?"

Just hearing those words being spoken to me by a stranger made it all worthwhile.

Soon enough I was in a very familiar place I knew and loved so well; on my knees sucking Shemale cock, and Suzy's was enormous! Thick and and 10" long it easily filled my mouth and I was eager to show off all the cocksucking skills learned under the guidance of Lady Diva and Mistress Morganna, combined with many years of practice. Suzy was surprised and pleased as I worked on her Shecock with the skill of a pro, and effortlessly deepthroated her several times which she loved. She grabbed the back of my head and shoved her Shecock all the way down my throat while I remembered my training and relaxed as best I could while being suffocated with Shecock. It can be a terrifying yet addicting thing to be fully engulfed with coc to the point where you can't breathe, yet when she pulls out, you can't wait to put that gorgeous Shecock back in your sissy mouth, and I did again and again.

Not wanting to cum that soon, Suzy had me worship her asspussy with my tongue treating me no better than a common whore and I loved it. All I could imagine was being fully transformed at that moment and being complete as Devina being used, abused, and an eager cocksucking sissy whore for my Mistress, making Her so proud of what She had accomplished by eradicating my male ego and making me so much better, with so far yet to go.  Yet there with my tongue in Suzy's ass, I could see my future as the gurl I was meant to be, and the gurl I was born to be.

 Suzy moaning loudly had me then suck her Shecock from behind and as I gladly gobbled up her She dick, I could tatse the pre cum on her cock which fueled me on even more until Suzy was lathered up to the point of wanting to take my asspussy.  She put me face down on the bed and climbed up on me, rubbing her huge Shecock all around my asspussy while lubing it up. I knew what I was about to experience, having big Shecocks in my asspussy before, courtesy of Sunshine and Gigi and I did my best to relax as Suzy began to slowly work that baseball bat between her legs into my sissy asspussy.

Feeling her almost all the way inside was unlike anything. My sissyclit strained against my chastity device put the weight of all the sensations onto my sissy g-spot and which each thrust my mind, body and inner Femme spirit began to go off like fireworks. Suzy was stuffing me full of cock as she burried my head into the pillow on the bed. I was powerless and nothing but her fucktoy, just as I wanted to be.

Hopefully most all of you sissies know this by now, but there are several ways to be fucked. It can be slow and gentle, loving and sensual, but the pendulum can swing into primal, animalistic, and this is what my asspussy was experiencing. Suzy jack hammered away at my sissy hole, knowing it was what I needed, and what my Mistress would want. I was not there to be catered to but to be used. I tried to find a spot within my mind to harness the sensations that rocketed off my sissy g-spot with each stroke in order to truly cum like a Woman for the first time.

What I learned was something far more than I had expected or ever thought about. I was no stranger to Shecock, and even big ones, but this was the first time I realized it was forever going to be different with my sissyclit locked away. There was going to be no direct stimulation and orgasm like I had known all my ife, even throughout my sissy life. Suzy was teaching me a lesson with each thrust of her cock and each moan and cry I let out. I was learning what huge cock does to the sissygasm process and it's like trying to massage someone with a cement mixer.  The feeling of being stuffed full of cock was and always have been amazing, but I was learning what many Women have learned naturally, that big cocks are fun (especially sucking, I'm a size queen!), but not always effective in achieving the 'Big Oh". I learned that in order to find that magical place, I needed to have more Shecock in my asspussy of all shapes and sizes in order to find the one that was the perfect fir for my sissygasm experience.  Suzy had me rocking back and forth between feeling like I was going to explode from within like a real Woman, and  being jolted head to toe with each shockwave of her enormous Shecock.

Suzy realized from the moment she understood that the useless thing between my legs under lock and key was no use to her, it was now ALL about her, and her getting off how SHE wanted, and nothing about what I wanted. This I understood from the moment I locked on my chastity device, but to truly experience it was a lesson learned as only a gurl can learn and now appreciate. When you make yourself a slave to cock, you submit to it and it's desires. If somehow you are able to achieve a sissygasm, then it's a wonderful bonus, but it's not your role to be pleasured. YOU are the fucktoy, YOU are the slut to be used, YOU are the cum dump, and your only reward will be a hot load of she cum in your mouth and all over your lips and face.

Suzy pulled out of my tender throbbing asspussy and rolled me over. "Open your fucking mouth you sissy!" she commanded. Without even being able to speak I did as told and before I could say anything, she shoved her huge cock down my throat and began thrusting with her hips as her balls slapped my face.

"I'm going to cum in your mouth and you're going to lick it all up you slut!"

Within seconds of hearing those words, I felt her cock twitch and my mouth fill to overflowing with hot sticky delicious cum as she forced her cock all the way down my throat again to make sure I got my fill. Pulling out and hearing me gasp she rubbed the excess Shecum that leaked out the sides of my mouth all over my face with her still hard cock, smiling down at me as I kissed her Shecock over and over. I was a sissy mess, full of cum and cock, with no trace of a male ego to be found anywhere. My sissyclit was locked away and my only rewards were the sensations from my asspussy and the gooey mess on my face and lips.

I was in sissy heaven!

I was a used, abused, fucked, humiliated, sissy cumslut, yet what I took away from the experience were lessons I could only learn as a gurl, and how I wanted nothing more than to keep experiencing those lessons as a gurl. The ultimate goal to bring my inner Femme spirit, Devina, and my love of Shecock all together took a marked step forward. I later showed Suzy pics of me fully as Devina in various outfits at Lady Diva's dungeon and realized at that moment that it was the first time my EME vanilla self had openly revealed Devina to someone. Suzy looks forward to the next time she visits as she wants only to fuck me as the real me, as Devina.

I can't wait!

To serve and suck Shemale cock in front of my Mistress as a reward for all She has done for me, will have made every unsure step along the journey all worthwhile. Then who knows what happens after that?

Onward and slutward, sissy!