Saturday, September 28, 2013

Devina's Domme of the Day Sept 28

Devina's TGirl of the Day Sept 28

That Moment When You Catch Yourself in the Mirror

When this blog began a couple years ago, it was a way for me to share my story with those like minded people who could appreciate what someone who is looking to become better than what they started as, goes through during that process. Sometimes along the journey one catches a glimpse of how far they have come, yet knowing how much road is yet to be traveled ahead.

When I started down my (then unnamed) road to what eventually become the blossoming of Devina, I could never have imagined even in my wildest dreams the experiences I've had and the things I've done, which now are a part of me just as any other experience as a person on this ball floating around the sun. Never would I thought remotely possible owning an overflowing closet full of my very own Female clothing, my own shoe and boot collection, my own carefully picked cosmetics, and my own collection of toys and devices all designed to enhance and reveal the Female spirit within.

Exponentially beyond that realm of possibility was the notion that I would one day become a proud sissy cocksucker, having sucked over  twenty different Shemale cocks for close to 40 times in total. Sometimes reflecting on that still blows my own mind. One Shecock can be dismissed as curiosity, maybe two at best, but twenty?!? Nope, that Devina is a Shecock loving slut, believe me ;)  When that Line gets crossed there's no going back really. The next line that I've realized that has been obliterated is the reason for this blog entry.

Yes, the sissy asspussy. Every gurl takes a big step when she begins to train her asspussy with toys, dildoes, or other instruments of pleasure. Others take the step of surrendering their asspussy to a Dominant Woman, where for the first time they begin to feel what it's truly like to be submissive to Shecock, albeit in strapon (and still wonderful in every way) form.  The herculean leap is the final frontier so to speak. Real, hot, throbbing, twitching cock, loaded with cum. That is an experience that changes a gurl forever, and I was no different.  I have recounted with you my first experience under the guidance of TS Mistress Z who took my asspussy cherry.  While some gurls can be quite the whores with their asspussies, I didn't find myself stampeding down the road to Cock Central Station, looking to get my ticket punched by any old Shecock (remember, males are icky and will never, ever....EVAH be looked at as anything but subhuman)  But in the recent year, I find myself looking back at how in my last three encounters with beautiful Shemales, I no longer have any desire to be the penetrator, in fact my always careful selection process of which Shemale Devina will be with now centers exclusively around that person's personality as a willing and enthusiastic Top.

I've only just fully realized the change within and the wonderful results that they have brought, very recently. It truly is a milestone moment for me to go past the simple desire and fantasy of being a full bottom to Shecock, but to actually practice what I preached is a wonderful thing. My last encounter may have hammered home the point , if you will.

As I tried hard to suppress my gag reflex while being fed Shecock to the base, suddenly She pulled out and with a glorious moan blew Her Shecum all over my face, but didn't stop there. She straddled me and began to grind Her still throbing cock all over my face, as I willingly licked Her balls and cock as she smeared Her precious cum all over my chin, lips, face and hair. It was a truly magical moment, but She wasn't finished.  Still hard, She spread my legs wide and took what was rightfully Hers; my asspussy. She fucked me so amazingly well that when She came a second time inside me, I was a quivering cum slut mess who couldn't stand for several moments after we were both done. I was fully spent. But more than that, I want to experience being taken by Shecock more and more. I love it!

I know now, that was the tipping point in purchasing my CB6000S. Not to use it as a chastity device exclusively but to help me train my asspussy to achieve orgasm through being fucked only. The early results have had promise but no big sissy O yet, but the fun is in continuing to try and experiment. My latest addition in my quest of the elusive sissygasm is the Bonbon Liberator

I just received mine today and finally I can ride a dildo, free to use my hands, and cowgirl while wearing my sexiest lingerie and allowing my mind to work it's way towards a Feminine orgasm. The best part is I finally have a purpose for the amazing pink lifelike dildo, Goddess Amber bestowed upon me. She used this regularly on Herself and the thought that I will be sharing and experiencing Her Female energy inside me  will be truly wonderful!  oxoxox