Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Sad Sissy Truth

I love being a sissy. I couldn't imagine my life without the amazing experiences I have had under Femdomination, discovering my true inner Femme' self and the wonderful road of discovery it has taken me on. I also feel very blessed for all the amazing relationships I have made as my sissy self with all the fantastic Dominant Women, and empathetic Women to my journey and who have helped me along my journey step by step. Some have been there from the start, others a while and some a short time, but each of them have left their Feminine spirit engrained into my sissy soul and I am forever grateful.

  I realize that I am indeed a lucky gurl to have had the grace of these Women to allow me into their lives, in order to better myself as a person, from what I once was.  I know that there are so many gurls out there right now who have never experienced the thrill of being taken in by a Dominant Woman and be gven the opportunity to allow their sissy self to soar under the guidance of a strong Female hand. Therefore I always treat the Dominant sex with reverence, and with the respect they deserve as superiors to those of us who were given the Y chromosome at birth. It is all due to them that I've had the thrills of experiencing satins, lace, nylons, silks, and the sweetness of surrender to their wills, to shape me in their Feminine ways.

Without Femdomination, I never would have known the freedom of submission. The joys in seeing a Domme smile. The sensation of feeling the swish of a dress against shaven legs. The sense of accomplishment of walking confidently in heels. The pride and satisfaction of sucking a shemale cock for the first time or the fortieth, and the ultimate feeling of femininity when surrendering one's asspussy to her Mistress' cock or a Shemale cock. Without these things my life as a sissy would have been empty, vague and perhaps without true meaning.

Some gurls show far greater courage and push on past sissiness and find their place as a fully transitioning transgender. These individuals show the way for many who feel trapped in a male body the way to attaining Womanhood. Some of us follow along that path as far as we are able and others simply fulfill their kink desires being dressed as Women and degraded by males.

  For me, I find myself somewhere in the middle I guess, with my true desire to be as close to Womanhood as I can and to be accepted for what I am by Women, and in their acceptance, I find happiness.

Not all Women understand us gurls, and that is ok. The time any of us gurls get to spend with Women in our true sissy skin are moments to be treasured and savored. The sad truth is, that beyond the bonds of Femdomination, a sissy's life can often be a lonely one. While the GLBT community has made tremendous strides over the years for acceptance, our sissy subculture remains largely shun by most aspects of society, let alone by Women in general.

Yes most of us love the sexual aspects of sissy-dom, the exposure and thrill of ridicule and humiliation by day to day Women , and the exploitation of our remaining EME by subjecting ourselves to cock in a variety of forms, but to paraphrase an old quote, "A sissy cannot live on sluttiness alone".

Finding the bridge between our alternative lives, emerging lives, and the day to day one is the Holy Grail of sissies everywhere. To find a Woman who accepts us for all that we are, in day to day life, embracing us as whole, is secretly what most of us crave. I know I do. Whether She be a Domme or sympathetic to the importance of Femdomination in my life, the numbers game odds are greatly stacked against us gurls. For those Women out there who embrace us entirely, You are the rarest of gems.  I only hope for all of us gurls that as gender blending becomes more commonplace, that more Women open their hearts to those of us who love, cherish, respect, and serve Women in ways that are truly unique in this world. We love You.

Until then, we will do what we do best. Be sluts, suck cock, and serve Femdomination. oxoxox

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Every Gurl Loves a Compliment

No gurl ever discovers her true sissy self on her own. As i shared before many wonderful generous Dominant Women have guided along the path to discover my inner sissy self at the feet of all Dominant Women. I was going through some old emails and in an act of self promotion decided to share some of their comments upon those Women seeing me wearing their clothing:

Payment received as the fun begins :) - Mistress Patricia

WONDERFUL THANK YOU SWEETIE XOXOXOXOX. You are going to look so sexy THE BEST!!!  - Goddess Tammy

I'm loved playing dress up with you! Cum back soon! My own personal panty licker, and dress-up sissy slut!- Mistress Karen

Always a pleasure my love, enjoy my tasty treat : )   I bet you look adorable! - Mistress Kera

Im sure you will look very sexy in my slip! Come back soon sissy.  Real Sweet Heart!!! - Goddess Plenty

You are my favorite SLUT ever Darling!! Enjoy Darling....You're the BEST SISSY!!!! **Kisses** Thank you Sweetie!  Thank you Darling :) Wonderful as always! You're going to look so hot!!!  - Goddess Amber

 Great little sissy!! Cant wait to see you in those shoes!! Super fun sweet pretty sissy!- Goddess Megan

Perfect Sissy Girl! I cant wait for you to wear my clothing and explore my treasure chest! 
Such a good girl!! You are going to look stunning in this party dress! Show that Sexiness!
- Mistress Lexie

Perfect subbie!  You will look dazzling in black ;) Perfect subbie . Thanks Darling. Enjoy!! XOXO   Perfect sissy!! you will look FABULOUS in My gown Darling. xoxo  Miss Devina is the Puuuurrrrfect sissy!! XOXO   Miss Devina will soon own all of My old clothes :) xoxo   Miss Devina is the PERFECT sissy!! xoxo  Miss Devina is such a pretty girl!! xoxo  You will look marvelous in My clothes My Darling Devina!! Enjoy :) XOXO  Perfect as always!! I just know pink is colour Miss Devina.... *kisses*   Miss Devina is da bomb!! XOXO  You will look totally HOT in My sparkly slutty dress!! Thank-you Miss Devina. XOXO   As always a super sissy!! Love you Devina *Muah* Enjoy My slutty dress. xoxo   Another fabulous dress for a fabulous gurl, thanks Devina. xoxo   Enjoy this outfit Devina, it will look super HOT on you! xoxo You will love this dress Devina, sexy bitch! xoxo
Another sexy dress for your ever growing collection Devina! Enjoy. xoxo  The BEST sissy I know!!!  Devina will be devine in My used make-up, enjoy!  Love it when you bid on My items Devina. Love dressing you! The best sissy a girl could ask for! Thanks Devina!  I am so happy you love My catsuit! Great Sissy! xoxo  Another pair for your collection, thanks Devina. xoxo
  - Goddess Denise

Perfect Sissy Buyer!  Perfect in every way! Total sweetie! Thanks! One of my favorites!
Enjoy your new skirt, please send pics! Perfect little buttslut! So Sexy Sissy Girl! Super Sissy ! Thanks So Much! A+++ You are one of my favorites! Hope you enjoy my satin dress! XOXOXO  ENJOY YOUR NEW BARBIE BITCH CINDERELLA DRESS!
  - Mistress Midnite

A PLEASURE sending you My items!!! hope to hear from you again soon... xoxoxoxo - Mistress Ava

Seeing all Their comments pasted together fills me with a sense of enormous gurly pride! I love and treasure all their clothes they have graced me with and absorb every ounce of their Feminine energy each item possesses into my own gurly spirit.  Just had to share =)

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