Sunday, June 30, 2013

Making Progress

There are times when I have an opportunity to take a moment and reflect at how far I have come in my journey through sissyhood in order to discover the true wonders of Femininity. Sometimes the signposts are external, such as a closet full of Women's clothes, a drawer full of panties and Women's underwear that one wears daily, and so forth. Sometimes it's something different, something inside that you notice and find yourself in awe of and proud of.

Every gurl's journey is different, and mine as I've stated before, from the start has followed the path of Female worship and Shemale adornment. It's a path I have walked proudly and have so many life altering experiences from which I have grown from. Women are for me as a gurl to serve and please in whatever way I can as per their demmands. That said as a gurl, the one thing I do know is that it is foolish of me or any sissy to think that we gurls are the object of desire by any Femdom Woman. This sis simply not the nature of Femdomination and all sissies and gurlies must live by those laws of Femdom nature. We are there for their amusement, enjoyment, and to serve. If we are good gurls we may receive special Female gifts of unimaginable grace by the Dominant Woan or Women in our lives, but one should never ever be foolish to think that our place in the pecking order is anything but an evolved submissive who has seen the light in our worship of Femininity.

What us gurls who worship Femininity in our sissiness are left with in terms of some sense of normalcy (as normal as a sissy can be) is relationships with other tgirls, sissies, or gurls, or Shemales. Some may lower themselves to be with a male but not all of us have evolved beyond leaving all maleness behind in our efforts to completely quash our EME (emasculated male ego).

The other evening as I was chatting with Mistress Diva, I realized as W/we were discussing future Shemale cocksucking opportunities, just how integrated into my life and psyche Shecock was in all it's forms. She and I discussed which potential Shemales would make for a positive experience and we both gossiped and chatted away about who was cuter and who's Shecock was biggest. I began to smile to myself proudly as a sissy cocksucker just how casual and matter of fact Her direction and superiority over me had transformed me into an everyday Shecock loving sissy slut. Once upon a time the notion would have my insides in knots for days wresting with the concept of sucking Shecock, now it was easy as shopping for panties (which W/we discussed too that night, lol)

So sometimes the signs of your progression into gurlhood is obvious and other times it's a gradual but steady change that one day catches you by surprise. No matter which, be thankful for the Dominant Women in our lives who have been there to guide us, shape us, and make us better that the lowly  slaves we once were. The next time you ahve a gorgeous Shecock in your mouth or asspussy, be sure to thank your Mistress for all She has done for you!