Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wanna Be Sissies

Recently I was having one of my regular Girl/gurl chats with my Mistress. I love the feminine chats we have regularly and like most Girls/gurls we talk about everything and anything.  Something that was upsetting Mistress Diva was another sissy of Hers, who still held onto the fantasy that as a sissy, one day her slutty trashy behavior would lead to the reward of some sort of sexual favor from Mistress Diva. Mistress then told me how She had to regularly "re-train" this sissy's mindset to dismiss such thoughts, yet they would return after a while.

I was so disappointed. I knew right away that this particular sissy's EME (emasculated male ego) was still running amok with this particular sissy, thinking and behaving as if it still was in control.

Gurls, we all need to understand something. If we are blessed to have the gift of a Dominant Woman in control of our lives, we should be extremely grateful, and never, EVER, abuse of jeopardize that by allowing something as worthless as your EME to try and mess that up for you!  Our Mistresses reward us daily by allowing us to live out portions of our lives in ways we once only dreamed about in the dark recesses of our minds. They make our deepest desires to express our Femininity real and accepted. They allow us to flourish and become the gurls we've always wanted to be.

Serve them, allow them to shape, mould, and train you into the gurls you could never be on our own. Strive each day to better yourself as a sissy gurl, be it as a maid, or slut, and your Mistress will see to it that you get the rewards you deserve. She may decide that your reward is to be the bitch at the end of Her strapon, or to pimp you out to Her Girlfriends, or to have you suck real cock in front of Her, or maybe even be used as Her seat cushion, but no matter the reward She chooses for you, accept it graciously, and never try and take advantage of Her and manipulate Her into something your useless EME desires. This makes you a wanna be sissy and gives us all a bad name.

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