Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Cock by Any Other Name..

I'm not one who likes to be preachy when it comes to any other gurl's path through sissyhood.  I do like to think that my experiences can make other's more brave, and bolder to take those nervous steps in their own high heels to better discover and embrace their inner Feminine spirit.

One thing I feel truly blessed with is the patience and wisdom shared with me by my Mistress and other Femdoms. Their knowledge has helped me in ways unimaginable and in turn, I've been able to formulate some theories of my own when it comes to us gurls making Women happy and satisfied with us.

 Now anyone who's poked around here for any length of time would find it pretty self evident that I, Devina, love cock. Where I may differ from a larger number of you gurls is that to me, there are only two kinds of cock that matter, period.  The first is the cock that my Mistress, or any Domme' employs as a part of Her complete dominance over me as a sissy sub. One should love and worship their Mistresses' cock. They should crave it, strive to be taken and rewarded by it, and experience the rewards of being at the end of your Mistresses' cock. It is a true reward for any sissy, and one which should be honored accordingly. It should also serve as a constant reminder at all times who is in charge of your world, and serve as further reminder that the sissy clit between your legs is completely inconsequential. It is there merely for your Mistresses' amusement or torment. She owns it, and owns you.

The second cock that truly matters, belongs to those who have evolved far beyond us sissy gurls. They have taken bolder and more brave steps towards the goal of truly attaining Feminine nirvana. Yes, I'm referring to  the Shemale or Transgender Woman. (I share no prejudice to any label so if any offends you, that's your issue).  The Shemale cock is one of nature's true treasures. It finds itself attached to the Feminine body, mind and spirit, and is able to give us cock hungry sissy bitches all we can handle, and then some.  It is the rare desert rose that blooms giving us gifts beyond compare.  If you are a sissy gurl reading these words and have not experienced the pleasure of having Shemale cock on your lips or accepted into your asspussy, make plans immediately, for you truly have no idea of the gifts they share!

Now I know some, perhaps many, use their transformation and journey to subject themselves to the "other" cock. That is fine, I mean who am I to judge? Each of us uses our journey for our own reasons and own desires.  For me, as I have stated here before, the "other" cock serves no purpose in my life. Zero. Never has, never will. Now I know some of you may scoff and doubt me, but I seek no approval from anyone. I just state it as fact.  Now, lets get back to #2 shall we?

I, like many of you, as part of my early training as a sub, began to learn the skills of sucking cock, as commanded by my Mistress. For some, the mere idea is degrading, revolting, shameful, and what not. For others it's a kinky thrill, and for others yet it acts as a gateway to bigger and better! Service of your Mistresses' cock du jeur is an important step in solidifying your complete submission to Her, and one should never take their training lightly.  In time She will make you worship and service Her cock in many mind expanding ways, so you better get used to your new instrument of Dominance. You will be looking up to it for the rest of your life, whether you realize it yet or not.

When your Mistress wears Her cock, it is a part of Her, a true extension of who She is and Her place high above you, and you worship it just as you would any other part of Her that She bestows upon you, just as the sole of Her boot, the backside of Her leather glove, or the tip of Her crop. If it is attached, it is a part of Her.

When your Mistress is using a dildo or vibrator or plug as a tool, not attached to Her body, it is merely an instrument. A thing designed to bend your body, mind and spirit to accept Her. And at the end of the day that item is merely an inanimate object, only put to use by Her skilled hands.  Worshiping those things is merely amusement for your Domme.

Now sissy, do you really want to get your Mistresses' attention? Of course you do! If you truly want to make Her happy and proud of what She has accomplished by eradicating the pathetic maleness from you in order to shape you into something better, then strive to go the extra mile for Her. Learn to suck real cock for Her.

Show Her how much She means to you by giving Her great pleasure in seeing a real cock cross your lips for the first time. Let Her smile as you discover your inner wanton lust for cock and eagerly slurp it over and over.  I won't comment on what type of cock you should enjoy, as my preferences are crystal clear, but do it for Her! Give Her the gift of seeing Her sissy cocksucking slut go to town on a nice hard cock. Rub it all over your lips and face, lick those balls,  take it deep into your throat and gag on it a coupe of times, and go back for more! To show how much you truly love your Mistress, take a nice creamy facial just for Her.

You will be so glad you did...

And the gifts your Mistress will bring to your life as a result are simply divine... 

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