Saturday, December 28, 2013

Your Feminization Quotient

With the New Year upon us, it's time to take the Feminization Quotient Test and post your results to see where you need to improve for 2014

I scored an honest 76%. The fact that I'm a TGirl Lesbian may have skewed the results somewhat as I have no desires to be with males at all, just Females and Shemales.

Take the test and post your scores:

Feminization Quotient
0% to 9%
Pathetic male
10% to 19%
Potential recruit
20% to29%
Promising Crossdresser
30% to 39%
Sissy in Training
40% to 49%
Confirmed Sissy
50% to 59%
Sissy Cock Tease
60% to 69%
Sissy slave girl
70% to 79%
Feminized Fuck Toy
80% to 89%
Shemale Slut
90% to 99%
Shemale Slut Queen
Transsexual Whore

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