Sunday, September 30, 2012

Calling The Shots

Devina was quite enjoying her new place in the pecking order of things. It was seemingly so easy telling her EME (emasculated male ego) what to do in sucking shemale cock, that she decided to turn her EME into a bit of a shemale cock whore. Oh the EME was far past the stage of of the stigma of having shemale cock in his mouth, but it used to be on his terms and choosing. That was over now. Devina, as the new mistress of the world inside her soul, was the one now setting the terms, on when he would suck shemale cock and which ones. The experience with Sunshine proved Devina was perfectly capable in being her own boss, and that the EME simply had no choice but to go along with everything.

Returning home, Devina was pleased to discover that things were picking up in terms of the local Shemale scene, and that meant she had choices, and the EME had work to do. Devina decided to send her EME on a bit of a gauntlet, as one week she had her EME suck shemale cock on a Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and all different girls.  The EME loved it all as the thrill of cock on his lips never left, and now the added thrill was suddenly being made a cock whore with different shemale dick on his lips all the time.

That summer was a wanton one, with several different cocks to be sucked. White ones, black ones, asian ones, and middle east ones. The EME sucked them all and each time Devina was in his ear, urging him on, telling him how to lick the shafts, twirl the heads in his mouth and to make sure he deep throated them all. Devina had a standard to uphold and she was going to make sure her EME damn well held up that standard!

Yes, it was a great summer of cock, and Devina was loving it. However now she knew what she needed to do in order to emasculate her EME one step further. Yes, Devina would soon enough spill the beans to her Mistress as to exactly what her EME had been up to and in detail. Devina felt a sense of Sisterhood with her Mistress, and how i was always growing. Soon enough it was time for some girl talk....

Devina's Domme of the Day Sept 30

Mistress Penny gives no quarter

Devina's TGirl of the Day Sept 30

Sunday brunch

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Peek into Devina's Closet

As time goes on, I plan to share with you all continuing peeks into my gurl closet. One of the things I enjoy most, has been the ability to discover beautiful Woman who are gracious enough to help gurls such as myself, become closer to the Female essence than one would by merely buying clothing off the rack. I've treasured so many items purchased directly from such Women as when I wear their things, I can still feel the Feminine energy that rdiated from the items and I love how that energy soaks into my spirit. Here are a few of my favs

Goddess Denise bestowed upon me Her gorgeous sparkling evening gown that has already been put to use with Mistress Diva.

One of my favorite sexy mini dresses from Goddess Denise

A sexy black cami by Goddess Christina

A White dress slip and an assortment of cosmetics also from Goddess Christina

Pantyhose from Goddess Karen
Pink bra and panties from Goddess Tamara
Rest assured I plan to share more treasures from my closet!

Devina's Domme of the Day Sept 29

She is about to give Her subbie exactly what they deserve, and then 5 inches more

Devina's TGirl of the Day Sept 29

And all day sucker