Sunday, July 29, 2012

Change the World, One Sissy Gurl at a Time?

As much as we all hate to admit it, this planet and our species as a whole is dominated by the most destructive, vile,, hurtful, violent, and evil influence known: the male ego. Wars, death, destruction, pestilence and so on and so forth are a direct result of this byproduct of a chromosome run amok.

As some of you may be aware on different sides of the gender scale, there is a small but slow growing acceptance, that our only true salvation as a species rests in the Female spirit. The nurturing, caring, loving, healing, and immense inner strength and resolve of  the essence of Womanhood.  All males need this, whether they admit it or not. While often us idealistic sissy gurls prattle on and pine for a society where Women have magically regined control of this out of control world, and indulge our thoughts into the blissfull nature of such a utopia, I took a few moments this past week to actually ponder if such a gradual transition would even be possible?

Scientifically we are learning that due to man's influence (yet again) that the chemical balance that all of us are exposed to in our daily lives is shifting towards a decidely Female slant. Hormonal changes in the foods we eat, things we drink, and exposure to engineered items of all sorts are proving that the male species is now subject to a higher estrogen influence than at any time in our species history. I fiound this an interesting fact and reflected on my own journey from a typical male at one point in my life to now accepting that my true inner spirit is dominated by a Female voice and a Female perpective. As my own journey carried me along, I found that the nurturing of that inner Femme was embraced, encouraged to grow, and at the same time the destructive male ego repressed, harnessed, and finally tamed and discareded. With it, I now realize that I look at the world from a more peacefull state, less agressive, more understanding, and more open minded (or so I'd like to think ;) ) I can see what the Dominant Female influence has done in my own life, and I'm not alone.

There has always been a small slice of the male species who has been in touch with and devoted to their Feminine side. As I said, all males crave the Female influence, and the effects that the Female spirit has in their own lives. When one looks back to the earliest examples of transvestism in modern times anyway, and compares it to the growing acceptance of gender blending and bending today, I asked myself if it was really possible to enact a change, where at some point in our evolutionary road, we reach a slow tipping point, and the quiet Female influence in male's lives, suddenly is more pronounced? Could it happen?

Allow me to think out loud for a bit. Humour me if you will.  A good portion of sissy gurls dream of a forcefull transition to a Female led society, and relish in those ideas as part of their own fantasies and journeys. However this would never work. The lowly male species for it's multitudes of faults, is acutely conditioned to sensing threats, and even more conditioned to respond destructively to them. A utopian Dominatrix society, while fanciful in thought, would not be the way to achieve a better world. With all due respect and appologies to Domme's everywhere!

No, I think that in order to work towards that Femme tipping point, Women must take advantage of their strengths and male's inherent weaknesses. We all know that males will do anything to satisfy their most basic DNA fueled trait to reproduce, and we all know how males give in so easily to their urges. So what if the rules began to slowly change over time? What if Women recognized their real and actual ability to enact a slow and continuing gradual change in their own lives, and micro-step by micro-step the scale begins to nudge away from the enormous slant that the male ego has created for itself? 

As most sissy gurls like myself have realized at some point, giving into their Feminine spirit indeed changes behavior, thought process, and many other aspects of life, some obvious, others not so much. Imagine for a moment that sissy gurls were seen as prized for their Feminine traits in terms of desirable candidates for reproduction?  Could a generations of male children spawned from the DNA of efeminate sissy gurls, in turn being nurtured, loved, and taught by generations of couples who place a much greater emphasis of the Female spirit in their daily lives, tip the scales even more towards that pined for tipping point?

It's not a scenario that could ever be realized in my lifetime or others to follow, but could it really hurt society as a whole if more and more Women chose to embrace the idea of nurturing and loving their own sissy gurl? Would it be so bad to have an effeminate male, wishing to grow and better hmself as a human to embrace the healthier aspects of our overal species?  I am unable to see the overal drawback to such a healthy idea. Little by little, bit by bit, encouraging lowly males to embrace their repressed inner Femme spirit no matter how you look at it is a positive thing.  Luckily for us, the male ego will always need to be adressed at some point by true Dominant Women, who skillyfully manipulate and break the male ego, and we love them for it!

Thank you for allowing me to share this. maybe one day we will have found ourselves looking back in satonishment at how far we have come, just as we are doing so now by looking back at our own history. I'd like to think that this growing sissy subculture has something useful to contribute to the evolution of our species as a whole. We should allow them to embrace what they seek, and in turn encourage their growth and development. The rewards benefit us all.  oxoxox

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Welcome Article That Echoes My Thoughts

Growing up the term “sissy” had a much different meaning than it does today. Where do you fall on that spectrum?

When I was a kid, as a closet cross-dresser, I was all too familiar with the term, and avoided association with it at all costs. A sissy was often the opposite of a Tom Boy. Back then a sissy was any boy who acted effeminate; any boy who wore clothes deemed girlish in style or color; any boy who did things considered girly; any boy who moved in anyway less than “macho” – God forbid you allowed others to see your wrist hanging limp!

Wikipedia describes a sissy as (derived from sister; also sissy baby, sissy boy, etc.) is a pejorative term for a boy or man who violates or does not meet the traditional male gender role. Generally, sissy implies a lack of courage and stoicism, which are thought important to the male role. A man might also be considered a sissy for being interested in traditionally feminine hobbies or employment (e.g., being fond of fashion, going to meditation sessions, or cooking), for displaying effeminate behavior (e.g., saying "mua mua" before hanging up the phone or using creams), for being un-athletic, or for being homosexual.

This left a lot of sissy quicksand for one to fall into; wear pink, yellow or powder blue anything – shirt, socks, shorts, jacket – and you might as well just adopt a girl’s name right there on the spot and be content to watch the boys play from then on without you -- because you’d never again be allowed to join in boy games. Get caught by friends playing girl games – like house, fashion show or tea for two -- with sisters or girlfriends or girl cousins --, and you’d be exiled to girls land forever. And even getting caught doing domestic things – cooking or cleaning, for example --, though you might get a pass because everyone knows that “mom made you do it!”, you’d still be ribbed relentlessly for quite a while.

Oddly the actual closet sissies rarely, if ever, got called on anything because they were always on guard: they never did or said anything that would revealSissy service their private sissy-ness to anyone.
While it was an unwritten obligation for any “man” boy to out a sissy when he saw one, he’d often do so with his sole motivation simply to show that he himself wasn’t a sissy.
As boys growing up, we had macho standards to uphold. They were set decades before our own by the screen actor rebels like James Dean or Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, or even clean-cut but dashing manly-men like Kirk Douglas.

For many decades the words sissy and homosexual were synonymous. Any cross-dresser would certainly be deemed a sissy; what “man” would wear women’s clothing and make up?
But things have changed through the decades, both in meaning and vernacular. Gender has gotten more fluid, especially in clothing styles and colors, the acceptance of men engaging in cooking classes, and generally becoming more domesticated – remember the Metrosexxuals of the 1980s?
There is now an entire sub-culture in the transgender community where men are sissified, which is like feminized, but with more frilly and submissive overtones, and often tied to B&D (bondage and domination) activities.
While some transgender gurls strive to become more feminine, most envision themselves either as women [trapped in a man’s body), “Two Spirited” – possessing both feminine and masculine components that comprise their gender identity, or simply guys that like to be feminine and pretty occasionally – and what’s wrong with that?
The sissy, however, doesn’t see himself as a women; in fact he is firmly rooted in the reality that he is not a women, nor can he every truly become one, but no longer a man either. In many instances the sissy sees women as the superior species, and is happy to simply elevate themselves to their highest possible feminine representation of female.
To that end, the sissy acts and dresses as frilly and feminine as possible, but never in a mainstream way. They love ruffles, satin, and lace in yellow, white and pink, anything that accentuates femininity – usually garters & stockings, high heels, and costumes. But it can also include baby girl and little girl attire and actions as well.
Their goal is not to assimilate; thus the frills are both an adoration of feminism, and a reminder that they’re merely emulating that which they can never actually be.
It is then no surprise that most sissies are usually submissive in nature, a soft demeanor that earns to serve. Often when you come upon social profiles of sissies, they are seeking a “strong master or mistress” to train them. This is yet another way of saying, “bring out the girl in me and suppress the male … PLEASE!”
Is being a sissy then really about being and looking feminine, or is it really – at the root – about power, the lack of, and/or exchange of it?
Being a sissy these days isn’t about dressing up somewhere and getting a little sexual eroticism; it’s a commitment to becoming something not female or male, but highly feminine, regardless of the age play. No one in the broader transgender community really understands sissies, just like the mainstream – or the gay community for that matter -- doesn’t really get transgender.
So sissies are left to their own devices, or God-willing a master or mistress that can guide, mold and nurture them. Being a sad sissy is pointless, because according to Quentin Crisp, “their biscuit-baking mothers would tell them that if they’re looking for sympathy, that they’ll find it in the thesaurus between shit and syphilis … and after Sissy.”
Until next time sissies, be happy, be save, and always think pretty!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Sun Rose Today

Just over a week since I got the terrible news. The shock is almost worn off, but the remnants of disbelief remain, along with the heavy sadness.... Life continues on

Monday, July 23, 2012

Taking a Little Time for Me....

Sometimes we are reminded all too sharply as to just how fragile we all are on this earth. A dear, dear friend of mine had their life taken suddenly and without warning over the weekend due to a medical issue and the result has left me rather stunned, shocked, saddened, and in disbelief. Going to take some time to process everything and when I feel somewhat normal again, I will return.

Let those you hold dear in your life know how you feel about them, so when they leave us, they will have your love in their heart and soul...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Devotion Deepens

By now the Silk Trap had Devina firmly secured. A growing wardrobe with lingere, pantyhose, a dress or two, and wearing panties daily, began to feel perfectly normal. Sometimes the lines were blurry enough even to me, let alone trying to ensure that the rest of the world did not discover my deepest secrets. At that time only a select few knew Devina's story. Wearing panties became matter of fact, and occasionaly I would wear pantyhose under my pants, when feeling particularly sexy. The thrill of excitment of the taboo nature of doing so began to slowly be replaced with the growing satisfaction of acceptance of my inner Femme expressing herself more and more.

I began to pack panties and lingerie with me on vacaction trips as it was far more comfortable to lounge around at night in a hotel room wearing negliges or silk pj's.  occasionally I would reflect on how far I had come from being that 19yr old nervous as hell sub male waiting for Mistress Morganna for the first time, to where I was at that time, a panty boi, sissy gurl in training, who had developed a love of shemale cock at the same time. As mind blowing as that was, I still saw myself with such a long way to go to reach my ever growing gurly dreams. That's the problem sometimes with living out fantasies; the ones that follow take you places you may never have imagined!

While Devina was geared to serve, please and be respectfull to her Mistresses, inside she had a growing sub personality of her own. Devina loved being a slut! Her fantasies would develop into being subject to all sorts of Women and to be used and humiliated for their pleasure and entertainment. On one hand, Devina's secrets in the everyday world were something governments would classify as top secret, yet when dressed, Devina yearned to come forth to more and more Women to share in the Sisterhood of Women. It's a desire that fuels to this day.

Devina also began to yearn to bring her inner two desires together of being a gurl enfemme' and my love for shemales realized while transformed. Transgendered girls were always seen as freaks, and subject to scorn and ridicule, yet to me I saw them as angels of feminization. They represented to me the best I could hope to be, living daily as a Woman. Devina's male alter ego got to have all the fun experiences with Shemales, yet Devina desired strongly to have fun of her own. Visions of being fully transformed, sucking on, and getting fucked by real TGirl cock was very deep rooted.  I didn't want anything to do with men, hell I had spent the last several years, purging the male ego from me as much as possible! No, the pecking order was Women, first and always, Shemales, and then farther down, us sissy gurls. Males were a sub species to me; a group that represented the worst in society. Sissy gurls were always inherently better mannered, calmer, and less agressive, due to the proper training by their Mistress.

When a male gives himself up to a Woman for proper training to realize his true feminine nature, there is an enormous amount of trust placed in that unique relationship. Yet as any sub boi knows, what keeps him on the right path is always that sense of exposure, should he revert to the nasty ways of his male ego.  It would take nothing for one's Mistress to completely expose him, and leave him ruined. Most gurls always carry that somewhere in the back of their minds, and I belive it serves as a motivating force to always please their Mistress and to devote themselves to their purpose as gurls.

Devina still had so far to go, but she had already accomplished so much, never before dreamed as possible, and she was becoming more self aware. It would serve her well as her journey continued...