Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gurls, Are You Certified?

Are you a certified sissy slut? Do you know? If you don't you should politely ask your Mistress, and have Her put you on a program to achieve proper certification. If you are unfamiliar with what is required to be a Certified Sissy Slut please consider the following:

1. The first step is willfull submission of your sissy self to a Dominant Female.

2. Allow your Mistress to completely feminize you as often as possible without hesitation or resistance.

3. Faithfully follow your Mistresses unique and personalized Femme' training program, designed to erradicate your male ego.

4. Eagerly accept your training to develop your sissy asspussy to accept all manners of cock with increasing ease.

5. Learn to feel completely comfortable in Women's clothing at all times.

6. Shop, shop, shop, like a gurl possessed, and develop your own complete wardrobe.

7. Boldly come out to the Women you know and reveal your secret of who you really are.

8. Under the guidance of your Mistress, prepare yourself for your big day, where you will taste and feel real cock for the first time as a gurl.

9. Trust in your training provided by your Mistress, and be the gurl you were meant to be!

10. Receive extra marks for when you graduate to black cock, be it shemale or other.

Upon satisfactory grading by your Mistress, congratulatons Sissy! You are now a Certified Sissy Slut! Your Mistress will take your picture and emboss it onto your very own sissy ID card which you will carry in your purse at all times. You should be so proud of what you've worked hard to accomplish.

Devina's Domme of the Day May 30

Don't forget to thank your Mistress for the privelage!

Devina's TGirl of the Day May 30

Delicious from head to toe!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Learning to Shop

One of the most fundemental womanly traits is the art of shopping, and for sissy gurls who finally take the evolutionary step to begin amassing their own proper wardrobe, this is a mysterious art, full of trial and error. For me this was no different as I had already a small collection of feminine things I treasured dearly, but I realized with each visit to Lady Diva, that what I had was simply inadequate to be a real gurl.

Most gurls quickly gravitate to the basics by various methods. Panties, stockings, hosiery, maybe a bra if their lucky. These things are easy to stash and quickly fullfill erotic fantasies and provide immediate gratification. Emerging gurls soon realize there is so much more that they need to evolve into the true sissy they were meant to be. Garters, bras, teddy's, negliges, sleeping gowns, slips, skirts, dresses, tops, evening wear, and so on and so on, it's really endless. It's also extremely daunting to even know where to begin, so as most do, us gurls usually start aquiring all sorts of things and learning either on their own, or with the divine assistance of a Dominant Woman, how to properly select, and use their clothing for maximum effect.

With the aid of strong desire and some online searching, I began my quest for Devina to begin building her own wardrobe. My initial critera was that whatever I aquired, it must come from a Woman, no band new never worn off the rack stuff. I knew I needed to feel the Feminine energy of each item of clothing so that it would permiate my inner gurly spirit in order to blossom even more.

Panties were always plentiful to find, along with stockings and such. What would becme a task was to find access to regular Women's clothing and not just underwear. Mistress Moon provided a short term solution via booty shorts and night shirts, and with ebay no longer listing pre worn items, I discovered another online auction site which would become eventually a major part of my wardrobe shopping.

As most genetic Women learn at a young age, I quickly realized the addictive nature of shopping for women's things, and what made the impulse even stronger was suddenly I had access to all sorts of things being sold directly by the Women who owned and wore the items. Receiving these gifts in the mail, opening them and deeply inhaling the Feminine scent, further ingrained my sissy DNA to feminization. No drug could ever be as powerfull, and I was just getting started....

Devina was finally on the road to earning her keep as a sissy gurl, and she was filled with gurly pride!

Devina's Domme of the Day May 25

She slides it in deep into Her slave. Look at how much fun She's having!

Devina's TGirl of the Day May 25

A nice way to start the weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Silk Trap Prevails

With my status re-confirmed as a shemale cock lover, yet sadly few opportunities to indulge in my hometown, I had a wonderful fall back position as an emurging sissy slave

I'm certain at this current point in my life that those who discover and surrender to the Silk Trap, never leave, and the bonds of Femininity grabs hold for a lifetime. It had become perfectly natural to reassume my persona as a submissive who loved diving into the world of Feminization and Femdom worship.  My training under both mistress Morganna and Lady Diva Cane were proving to have a lasting effect as I began to place higher expectations upon myself to devote to presenting myself to them in such a manner that it was easier for them to Feminize me.

Taking steps such as thinning eyebrows and body shaving became more ritualistic, and I knew that from now on the only way to present myself as Lady Diva's canvass was to be shaven and ready, both inside and out. Shaving became a physical and mental ritual, reaffirming my devotion to Femdom submission, even when not in the presence of my Mistress. It became another step in my evolution as a sissy slave.

With each visit to the dungeon, my Femme alter ego would be revealed, and I relished each moment, encased in the Silk Trap while worshiping my Mistress. Each visit made me connect to my inner Female spirit that much more. Lady Diva's demeanor evolved as She recognized my growing evolution. She graciously welcomed me into Her Sisterhood and in many ways it felt like playing dress up, with delicious kinky fun mixed in. It became easier and easier to let myself surrender completely to Her and the Divine Female energy that surrounded me, and I loved it all

I recognized what a gift was being bestowed upon me, as I felt that sense of Female connection. Catching glimpses in the mirror, I didn't see a genetic male transformed, I saw my inner self revealed, and with each glimpse of what Lady Diva would chisel away, my resolve to make it easier and easier to reach that place was steadied.

My sissy clothing collection needed to grow, and grow far beyond the panties and stockings I had treasured away since as a panicked teen I swiped my sister-in-law, Anna's panties. I had come so far from those early shaky steps, but now it was time for this sissy to start earning her stripes.

And while Lady Diva trained my asspussy with Her enormous strapon, I knew that I had better get on it. It was time for Devina to have more of her own life and not just when I submitted

Devina's Domme of the Day May 24