Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kink Art Vol 2

Where it all starts...

Soon you're turned into a party whore

Then you find yourself becoming a common street whore...

Usually for life...

Once a slut, always a slut, right?

That's ok, you love it anyways....

Devina's Domme of the Day Mar 27

This young Domme marks Her slave permanently. He'll always have Her phermones stamped into his DNA from now on.

Devina's TGirl of the Day Mar 27

Victoria strokes her cum stick!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Devina's Domme of the Day Mar 26

She peels Her jeans down and proves a point about just who the boss is...

Devina's TGirl of the Day Mar 26

For those who have experienced being on the receiving end, you know what an amazing sensation it is. For those who have yet too, the desire is amazing isn't it?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Introduction to Lady Diva Cane

As promised by Mistress Morganna, my next training was to be joined by another Mistress, Lady Diva Cane. I had been aware of Lady Diva's presence as a part of Mistress Morganna's Dungeon, but always stayed in the realm of one on one training under Mistress Morganna. She now felt that I was ready to take the next step in my Femme' journey, and that was revealing myself to another Domme.

Upon arrival to Mistress Morganna's Dingeon, that same mixture of fear, uncertainty, anticipation, and excitement had gripped me, just like it had at each significant point along my journey. I didn't know what was in store for me, but I did know that Mistress Morganna wouldn't steer me wrong and that I was about to embark upon another  jorney into submission and devotion.

I entered Mistress Morganna's Dungeon and as was customary, was led to a room and told to completely disrobe and assume the proper position to present myself as a slave, down on all fours, head bowed and eyes directly on the floor.

In another room, I could hear the familiar sounds of heels clicking on the floor, and a muffled conversation between Mistress Morganna and Lady Diva, including some giggles between them. This obviously did not help ease my anxiety and nervousness! As I patiently waited for my training to begin, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and suddenly the familiar boot heels of Mistress Morganna were before me.

"Hello slut, today is a big day for you! We are going to have sooo much fun today. But first we need to get you ready for our guest."

With that She placed Her collar around my neck, followed by blindfolding me. I then presented each wrist and ankle for collaring to truly surrender myself to Her for whatever She had in store. Once Mistress Morganna deemed me ready for presentation, She had me stand up with my head bowed and my hands behind my back.

"I think it's time you meet someone" She purred.

With that by hearbeat raced as I waited to meet my new Mistress. I heard Her footsteps coming down the same familiar stairs, and as they entered the room, I heard Lady Diva Cane speak for the first time to me as Her new slave.

"Well, well, what do we have here hmmm?"

Both Mistress Morganna and Lady Diva spoke between themselves as I kept my head bowed and stayed in presentation position. I could feel what I thought was Lady Diva's crop inspecting me inch by inch in any place She wanted.

"Our little buttslut is going to perform for us today, isn't that right?" Mistress Morganna asked.

"Yes Mistress, as You wish" I quietly and politely replied.

" Well lets see how behaved this slave is?" commented Lady Diva.

My hands were secured behind my back and I was ordered to my knees where I was ordered to pay tribute to both my Mistresses by taking turns kissing their heel up the back seam of the stocking, stopping to pause at the top of the stocking, giving my gratitude to each Mistress, then placing one kiss on each ass cheek before moving back down the other stocking and concluding at the other heel.

I gladly performed this act of devotion for both Mistress Morganna and Lady Diva, several times until they were properly satisfied with my submission and devotion. Then it was time to cast aside the lowly male ego that was before them and to begin the magical transformation into the land of Womanhood.

Like putty in the slikked hands of a master potter, Devina was again revealed by the expert skills of Mistress Morganna, and Lady Diva who seemed to take great delight in my cosmetic transformation, by placing a great amount of detail to my eyes, and eyebrows. I could sense She took great delight in revealing the true inner me as Morganna relayed details of my previous training and desires to express myself eternally as a submissive sissy enfemme.

With my transformation complete, I was then dressed in stockings, lingerie, bra, and complete with a wig. With the ensemble complete I was allowed to see myself as Devina for the first time in a mirror. What I saw took my breath away!

What looked back at me was someone I barely recognized, yet felt so in touch with my spirit and inner desires. Devina was not perfect by any means but whereas Mistress Morganna could create the foundation of Devina, now under Lady Diva's skills, for the first time it felt as if Devina was taking flight. As I looked back at my true inner self, semmingly for the first time, a great warmth enveloped my chest and I proudly smiled and in a soft and gracious tone could barely express my grattitude.

"Thank You so much Mistress"

Any sense of trepidation or anxiety immediately washed away as I jumped head first into the world Mistress Morganna  and Lady Diva had opened for me.  They both too were pleased with my reaction and proceeded to amuse themselves with their new gurly play toy in a variety of manners.

Mistress Morganna took delight in showing off my oral shills by having me worship Her strapon with my mouth. (She wasn't aware that I was supplimenting my training on my own by regularly sucking real shemale cock) She proudly beamed of how good a cocksucker I was becoming and those words filled me with pride as well. Lady Diva also took Her turn to assess my skills first hand and I was more than happy to perform for Her.

So much of what happened withing their capture was as much of a blur as a beautiful surrender to desires. I was saran confined and trampled by both Domme's repeatedly, teased, tortured with CBT devices, and ultimately had my asspussy prepped for what was my inevitable fate. To be fucked like a sissy slut by both Mistresses.

Indeed Devina was not disappointed. The climax of my first encounter with Mistress Diva had me sucking her strapon cock while Mistress Morganna grabbed my hips and pounded Her strapon cock deep into my asspussy over and over as both Domme's used their slut in proper fashion. When my sissy clit could take no more, I shuddered in an inteste orgams, completely spent and feeling like an accomplished whore. It was always a treasure to make Mistress Morganna pleased but now I had managed to please two Mistresses at the same time. There simply would be no turning away from Lady Diva Cane again....

Devina's Domme of the Day Mar 25

A full queening!

Devina's TGirl of the Day Mar 25

One of the sexiest TS performers of all time, Olivia Love.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Devina's Domme of the Day Mar 24

Mistress Kym Wylde stuffs Her post workout panties into the mouth of Her slave before fucking his ass like a bitch.

Devina's TGirl of the Day Mar 24

Bailey should have been a carpenter, because she has quite the hammer!

Friday, March 23, 2012

A male's Role in Society - Revisited

So much has changed in the last 30 years, that I thought I would offer up a pictorial definition of where males truly fit in today's reality..

It all started innocently enough with the curiosity of the male species. This was quickly siezed upon by highly intelligent Females who saw the opportunity to enact a new world order.

Soon they found their males craving the sensation of being taken by a Woman as Her property. It didn't take long really.

Afterall in the end they were so eager to please.

And before they knew it, Women had assumed control, even though males still foolishly act as if nothing has changed, but we all know it has...

However, Women being the compassionate, divine creatures they are, will always make a place for a male to succeed in his new found roles in society. For those males who truly embrace and grasp the concept of this new reality, there really is one option for them to truly get ahead in this new world order...

and give in to the inevitable and begin their transformation straight away!

Devina's TGirl and Domme of the Day Mar 23

Yasmine Lee bounds her boi and feeds him her delicious she cock!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bois Will Be Gurls Vol 32

Another favorite blog feature, showing beautiful examples of those who have connected with their true inner spirit.

A picture is worth a thousand cumshots...

A hot latino lovely with sexy knee highs!

Soooo Sexy!

Gorgeous from head to toe

 Simply incredible. Makes my panties bulge too!


Dressed for the ball