Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ladies, Feminize Your man!

This is a tough subject to delve into, but I'll try.

At some point, You looked at Your man, or You considered how he carried himself, or how he acted or reacted to certain things, and You decided that You might like to feminize him.

Or, the more likely possibility is that he has been hinting to You that he wants You to feminize him.  He might be demurely suggesting it, or he may in fact be begging You and bugging You to do this to him.

And now comes the point where You have firmly decided that You are going to feminize Your man.  You might be asking Yourself why You want to feminize him?  You probably wonder about what advantages You might gain from feminizing him?  You certainly wonder about what You might lose if You feminize him?

First, let's address the why question.

Why feminize Your man?

Because You want to.  Because You need to.  Because You like the idea.  In fact, You love the idea!  You MUST feminize him.  It is for his own good to make him a woman.  It is for Your pleasure.  It pleases You and makes You happy to feminize him.  And, it will definitely please him!

Specifically, there are several compelling reasons to do so.

1)  Revenge--Well, I'm not really a fan of this reason, but some Women are motivated by the notion of revenge.  Sometimes this revenge is because of injustices the Woman has directly suffered, such as being raped or molested.  Sometimes it stems from a lifetime of being made to feel subservient, weak, or dominated.  Usually, these experiences were inflicted upon Her by men--men who forced themselves physically on Her.  Or tried to.  Or they humiliated Her.  Made Her feel weak, subservient, dominated.  As society has seen, Women do not like being treated this way by men.  They like being treated better, as equals with an equal voice.  In fact, Women really should be treated like the superiors that they are!  There are also some Women who are strong feminists who believe in this as a means to demonstrate to men what nearly every Woman has suffered at some point.  In other words, as a societal tool for increased awareness, understanding, and positive change.  There are also those situations in which a male partner (husband, boyfriend, etc.) has been found to be cheating on Her with another person (female or male).  Having been betrayed and demeaned, some Women use Feminization for revenge, and in this particular case, I think most of us would approve of the resulting Feminization.

2) Role reversal and power reversal.  This is a common feeling and perception by both the Woman in the relationship and by Her man.  Even though society has brainwashed everyone that a man has to be "male" and a Woman has to be "Female", these roles don't usually fit very well.  These roles were imposed upon all of us by the "uber-males" back in prehistoric times.  Most Women today have now achieved a role reversal in most phases of life--they earn more money, they have better jobs, they have more power, they can express themselves freely.  Men on the other hand are stuck in a timewarp trap.  They no longer have the exclusive province of more money, wealth, influence and power, and they are less and less able to freely express themselves.  Yet they've been trained only for that role--a role which is no longer theirs.  They have never really been trained to assume the role of assistant, nurturer, submissive partner.  This creates so much conflict in the majority of relationships today.  So I believe that in order to break down this idiotic, holdover barrier, many Women want to enhance the role and power reversal by Feminizing their men.  It makes perfect sense and is actually a very good solution to the whole relationship problem.  There are men who are willing to swap or trade roles, like myself.  But many of us are afraid of what we'll face from society.  We need a dominant Woman to "impose" this role upon us--even though we secretly or even openly agree with it, but fear reaction and rejection from society.  There are other men who are less willing, but that is because of all the ions of repressive uber-male training.

3) Sexuality.  In general, Women are more attractive, while men are less attractive.  Many Women today have the option to associate with whomever they want.  This means that more Women than ever are choosing to enter and enjoy lesbian relationships.  But other Women, even though they might be attracted to Women, still prefer the "known" qualities and the relative safety of the heterosexual relationship with men.  This places them in an untenable situation.  They would like to enjoy the beauty and the comfortable embrace of Women, but they prefer to stay in a relationship with an unattractive partner--their man.  We live today in an age of alternatives, of choices, of freewill--thank God!  So now a Woman can Feminize her man to the extent that She finds pleasing, and She can have the "best of both worlds" to use a worn-out phrase.  This can go beyond the mere aspects of physical beauty as well.  She can decide that Her man needs to wear Women's clothing at all times, use Feminine hygiene products and beauty products, wear jewelry, and act Feminine.  She can make him do tasks that were previously considered duties reserved for Womankind.  But She can also decide that he needs to remove all his body hair, follow a Feminine diet and exercise regimen, take Female hormones, get Feminization surgeries and so on.  She can decide that he will be chastised sexually.  She can decide to penetrate him with a strap-on.  She can make him Her bondage slave, Her rubber doll, Her toy, Her maid and so on.  She can cuckold him and take other sexual partners, be they male or Female.  I firmly believe that this reason is gaining more and more favor with Women.  They can be more aggressive in their love-making with their man, or they can be more aggressive sexually with other partners.  This is a win-win for Women.  It opens the door to so many wonderful experiences for the Woman in the relationships and actually for Her man as well.  She can make him experiment with his own sexuality, too.

4) Control.  Again, this motivation can have its downsides.  But, consider the fact the Women have been denied their superior rights for almost all of time.  They have been controlled and denied.  They have been made to serve when they should have been receiving service.  They have put others first when instead they should have been placed first.  This is changing and many Women use Feminization as part of being in control.  Technically, willing men will gladly let Women take control from them, but this just enforces it.

5) Love.  Oh yes, this is a main reason to Feminize Your man.  If You love him, You will Feminize him.  Chances are it is what he wants.  It will make You happy to Feminize him.  It will make him happy to be Your Feminized partner.  There are so many new and amazing experiences You'll be able to have once You've Feminized Your man.  You will both be freed from so much societal expectation baggage.  You can concentrate on pleasing each other within the confines of the new dynamics of your relationship, wherein the Female is primary and dominant in both people.  Or, as an alternative, You can find new outlets for Your sexual and physical needs while still remaining faithful spiritually and mentally to your Feminized man.  He will love You, need You, and want You in his life more than ever before once You've Feminized him.

Let me emphasize that point.  Once You've Feminized him, You removed his male ego, his male pride, and his place in society as an uber-male.  He will not be able to reclaim that position in society ever again.  Therefore, You should keep this in mind when You decide to Feminize him.  It really is paramount that You are committed to keeping him with You, and that You are even more committed to keeping him Feminized (preferably completely and at all times) as Your partner.  This applies even more dramatically if You intend to develop other sexual relationships.  Regardless of whether You make him a fluffer for Your new male friends, a shemale who goes both ways, a chastised sissy, Your only partner, or whatever, You must remain committed to this relationship above all others.  Since You are Dominant and Superior, he is now dependent and obedient to You.  And let me emphasize that point as well.  Once he is Feminized, he is to submit to You, obey You, and follow Your commands.

If You feel that the burden of commitment to Your Feminized man is too great upon You, You have two choices.  You can decide not to Feminize him, but this becomes difficult once You've seen the need for his Feminization.  The other choice is to proceed with his Feminization and to actively engage him in trying to find him another partner who will love and cherish him as a Feminized former male.  This might be harder than it sounds because he may prefer to keep Your relationship intact and it may be hard to find him another partner who will love and accept him.  I believe that this will get easier with time as more and more women see the need and the benefits of feminized males.

Make the world a better place, transform Your male into satin and lace!


  1. Yes make the word a better place. Feminize your man. The benefits are many and if your man is like me, he wants it ever so much. As a woman you deserve a feminized and devoted male. And for him, it is liberating and gratifying beyond words.

  2. YYYYYESSS, I am a male construction worker that had the MALE TESTOSTERONE EGO and was a conqueror of weak women and sexually used them the way they wanted m to. Then role reversal as time went on as I was the "booty call". As my male ego have deflated some I have begun to wonder what it would feel like to have m ass turned into a sissy hole for a girlfriend/friend and her young virile bi-sexual stud or beautiful shemale to feel my throat fucked and flooded with his/her seed. To be forced to eat cream-pie from a gaping pussy or butthole while my little clitty was locked up and trained to cum ONLY through anal...asscunt fucking. To Be tied down and fucked in my finger tight ass with a BBC and clean it like a good boi/girl...I happened across this site and as I read my cock was so hard that it hurt and my ball ached. PLEASE, PLEASE help enlighten me at P.S. YES HOT IN AZ

    1. lol ....welcome to our world don ! you'll love it. (I love this too)

  3. Such a great way to learn from you

  4. I agree totally, as I have been self-feminizing, I find myself a softer gentler more feminine human being, I only need now the woman who will take my 100% of the way there, to live permanently as her feminized male wife in complete service to her...

    1. You are a Crossdreamer. Look for the Crossdreamer site.

  5. A feminized male is much more useful and prettier to look at. fem him today like my gurls were. Click the link and get started now

  6. This is awesome. It appears that there are so many men like me who have discovered feminization and crave to be feminized with all their heart.
    I would never have known that there could be such a thing as feminizing your man without the internet. Now, I can only hope that my wife will discover the benefit to her of making me into her loving, serving, feminized male wife.