Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back For More

With Mistress Morganna now morphing my two loves together, my love of dressing in Women's clothing combined with my ever growing love of submission to a Dominant Woman, my third love was left on it's own for a while, unattended. As the seeds of what woud eventually become Devina Cox were being sowed and nurtured into germination, I realized that as She would make me practice sucking Her strapon cock, that I was missing sucking the real thing, and my one of the few hidden desires, I had left; shemale cock

While Mistress Morganna would continue to strip away piece by piece, the trappings of maleness from me while under Her training, when left to my own devices, and choosing the opportunity to indulge my TS passion, I would do so as my vanila male self, but even that was changing, albeit in ways no one could tell but me.

By this time, I fancied myself to be a pretty decent cocksucker, thanks to my own experiences with Diamond and Zena, coupled with my regular training under Mistress Morganna. I was quietly proud of that, and it was upon noticing that pride that I realized that Mistress Morganna's training began to have an effect on me long after leaving Her dungeon.

The urge to see Zena once again was taking hold and I called her up to visit her appartment, eagerly looking forward to seeing her again, as it had been a couple of months. Upon arrival, the usual good energy between us led to each of us stroking the other's cock while engaged in kisses and a genuine lust of the sexual energy that existed. I was under no illusions, knowing that Zena was a pro, but that didn't mean we both coudn't enjoy ourselves and we did each time. I loved the sensation of feeling her cock grow hard in my hand as I carressed it through her panties until they could hold her no more and out popped her beautiful she cock.

As was the norm, I would gladly devour Zena's cock but this time as I closed my eyes and began kissing her cock, in my mind scenes of me in Morganna's Dungeon flashed through my head and as I let myself go, happily sucking away on Zena's cock as she ran her fingers through my hair and moaned, in my mind, I began to envision myself sucking her cock not as I was, but as I was under Mistress Morganna, and that was as Her sissy bitch.

those visuals, along with the taste of real shemale cock propelled me to suck long and hard, practicing my deep throat skills even further, taking Zena's 8 inches in as deep as I could and releasing her slowly, again and again.

I would look up at Zena with her cock still in my mouth,  like I had seen so many porn stars do, and I would see her smiling down at me as she would grab  my head with both hands and thrust herself into my mouth. It was hard to tell who was enjoying this more! I was almost disappointed when she pulled out to start returning the favour, and even as she gave me oral pleasure, my thoughts were flowing back to being dressed and pleasuring her some more. It was the first time that I envisioned myself sucking cock as a girl and the visual was intoxicating.

Devina had a long way to go before she became who she is today, but that first moment when one sees themselves as the gurl they've been trying to become, in their own mind, it a wonderfully liberating experience. My vanila male ego and my growing inner gurl shared at least one passion, and that was we both loved shemale cock....

Bois Will Be Gurls Vol 14

So pretty in pink!

Always stunning

Just relaxing as a blondie

Hot latin outfit ready to hit the dance floor

Elegant in black on black


Devina's Domme of The Day Nov 30

This subbie is in for a very strenuous evening pleasing three Dommes, and suffering their punishment if he fails

Devina's TGirl of The Day Nov 30

This sultry brunette peels her panties off to rub one out. Wouldn't you love to put that camera down and help her finish the job?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Devina's Domme of The Day Nov 29

Jean smothering is a true devotoion test for any subbie, as he is so close to the flesh of his Mistress but so far...

Devina's TGirl of The Day Nov 29

Bailey Jay shows us why bick cocks and bobbi sox is such a winning combination!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Devina's Domme of The Day Nov 28

Our Domme plows Her slave's ass until he can't take no more and explodes, makng quite the mess that he will have to clean up.

Devina's TGirl of The Day Nov 28

Back after  lovely Thankgiving weekend, hope you all had a great one as well! This lovely russian lass proudly shows off her she clit

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bois Will Be Gurls Vol 13 - Thanksgiving Weekend Edition

I will be away from the normal day to day happenings on my little blog over the next few days, so I decided to leave you all with a special edition of Bois Will Be Gurls to tide you all over. Hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend!


Nothing makes a Domme or Mistress happy like seeing Her sissy become an accomplished cocksucker, and for us gurls, nothing brings us closer to feeling like a real girl than the satisfaction of knowing we can work a real cock with our mouths, whether we choose to suck shemale cock, tgurl cock, or male.

Always a great idea if you can to have a practice partner!

Just close your eyes, open your mouth and take it inside that warm wet mouth

She looks soooo hot working it!

Always take your time working towards the big moment. Don't be afraid to tease it before unleashing it.

It's ok to give your own t-clit some love and attention but remember a good lover satisfies her partner first.

 This gurl uses her mouth and hands for great technique!

This gurl has obviously done a fantastic job in arousing her partner for a nice long suck session!

Always a wonder sign of true submission to kneel before the cock you suck and take your time

 This gurl knows what she wants and isn't afraid to grab on with what she can to get it!

Such a pretty picture isn't it? Happy Thanksgiving!

Devina's Domme of The Day Nov 23

This Domme knows how to properly fuck Her slave!

Devina's TGirl of The Day Nov 23

Mia invites you to come and suck on her lollipop!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Bois Will Be Gurls Vol 12

Another edition dedicated to the lovlies!

Assuming the ready position!

Amazing outfit! Love the color!

Another dress to die for! Such a great look.

Another assuming the position ;)

And a third!

Striking a sexy pose....

Devina's Domme of The Day Nov 21

This stunning russian Domme has no qualms grabbing Her slave's head and showing him exactly where and how She wants it done!

Devina's TGirl of The Day Nov 21

Joanna Jet plays peekaboo with her beautiful she clit

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Two Out of Three

I had now developed three kink's in my life. First my love of feminine attire which developed into a love for crossdressing, second, a growing desire to explore the world of BDSM, and last but not least, a growing admiration and enjoyment of those who were fully transgendered. During the early growth and development of each of the three, they remained wholey seperate entities in my life, as they developed and evolved into things I could understand and embrace.  The idea of bringing those worlds together was never planned or thought out but as my exploration of BDSM under the guidance of Mistress Morganna evolved to fully incorporation transformation and the exploration of my feminine side, I found myself pleasantly combining two of my three secret loves and desires.

The combining of those two seemed more natural because I was fortunate enough to have someone like Mistress Morganna who understood that world and not only accepted those desires of mine but embraced them. She created the environment in which I could grow further in ways I never knew I could.

The evolution from a lowly male submissive towards a crossdressing one (I had not yet reached the stage where Devina stood on her own) was one that felt natural and I was eager to move toward.  My submissive nature was a given, I completely accepted that fact that I was subservient to the Dominant Female, however I began to experience what it was like to become part of something most males never do, and that was to be part of a special sisterhood. By casting aside my male ego and allowing myself to commit to my feminine side, I was seeing life from a unique and wonderful perspective.

With each session I devoted to the submissive female inside of me, my natural devotion to the Superior Female gender increased, and I began to forge my submissive identity further as someone who embraces servitude towards Women. When one reaches a level of self discovery like this, it is a wonderful thing, and propels them further down the road they may have once gingerly chosen.  My devotion was whole, I loved everything about pleasing the dominant Woman who could appreciate and nurture my growing feminine side.

In turn I could put my trust in Her even more to take me to places within the BDSM world that would have made me uneasy at first. The mutual trust relationship had developed to the point where I knew that Mistress Morganna always had my best interests in mind, even if I didn't knew where they were leading, and I never found myself at a moment where I felt uneasy or worried that what She would desire would comprimise my core beliefs or limits, even while She expanded and pushed them.

I was happy and proud to be Her gurl, Her slut, Her toy, and plaything. The rewards I received for my submission far outweighed any other I could attain on my own.

However, there still was one world that called to me. One world that I didn't know how to combine with the other two, or even if I could? The lure of Shemale cock was still strong and growing....