Friday, September 30, 2011


The weekend is here! Have a great one!

Devina's TGirl and Domme of The Day Sept 30

Danielle Fox smothers her sub with her latex mini skirt before she unloads a fresh load of cum on his face, marking him as her permanent slave. Nothing says "I'm your bitch" like a full facial....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

You Like it Now, But You'll Learn to Love it Later.

I'll never ever claim to be an expert of the arts of BDSM, but from my early experiences, I've done my best to learn as much as I can about the different aspects, and avenues that people take with it.  When I first dipped my toe in the waters, I was incredibly naive but willing to try. The open mind approach has served me well over the years in my exploring various avenues of the kink lifestyle, and it certainly helped with my next phase of training under Mistress Morganna

Having concluded that my first experience with anal penetration and stimulation was a resounding success, She began to make it an integeral part of my ongoing training. I had yet to surrender the truth to Her about my transgendered experiences, nor my long held fetishes of Women's clothing, but I continued to apply myself under Her guidance to become a faithfull slave when under Her control.

When one applies themselves at something, there comes a time when they begin to notice progress. The first few sessions with Mistress Morganna had zero expectations in a sense because everything was completely new and fresh, however, after a few sessions, and especially after surrendering my ass to Her, each time I would arrange a session, I knew from that point on that I would be surrendering it to Her again. It was at that point when I became self aware that I was truly a submissive to Her, knowing that I would be taken however She saw fit, and I prepeared myself to be taken when She desired. It was an oddly comforting feeling...

My seesions would continue as a lowly male slave, earning my way to greater rewards and trust within Mistress Morganna's stable. Slowly the regular cororal punishments would give way to other forms of torment as She began to flush out my true nature as a subservient slave, rather than a confrontational one. As always, I found it easy to bow to the whim and natural desires of a Woman, especially one in charge of my existence!  I began to be subjected to trampling and facesitting, which were exhilarating experiences of their own. I viewed these opportunities as rewards for my behavior and my efforts in pleasing my Mistress, which only fueled me further to excell in any way I could to make Her happy with me as Her slave.

More and more prevalent however was Mistress Morganna's strapon in my training. I was expected to service it orally at length and I could only imagine Mistress Morganna's thoughts as She watched me suck on Her cock. I was always curious if She could tell of my already accomplished oral skills were at the hand of the real thing or not, but She always enjoyed my unbridled enthusiasm, as it always seemed to lead in Her taking my ass over Her bondage bench.

The method would always be similar, with me being loosened up at first by some plug or small vibrator, then probed by Her gloved hands before being taken by Her strapon. The first few times She was merciful on me by using a strapon that was more suited for a novice like myself. The sensation of being grabbed by the hips and fucked like a girl from behind was an intense mental high like no other and I relished the experience. There were no feelings of shame or homoerotic guilt as I'm sure others experience being fucked. Luckily for me, I had the transgendered experiences already to understand that it was perfectly acceptable to me to embrace a complete female figure with a cock between Her legs and this was not really any different. 

Mistress Morganna was always pleased with my desire shown on the business end of Her strapon cock, and would fuck me at length before reaching her gloved hand to my male clit to see how far along in my orgasm training I would progress each time.

 As always I was expected to ask permission to cum, and each time after being fucked longer and longer, I never thought I could last very long before asking permission, which was always denied the first time. Sometimes I could make it to asking again, most times I could not before shuddering in an enormous climax with Mistress Morganna's cock still deep in my ass which would always leave me a quivering spent mess...

"Good work slut. You're getting better at this. Soon enough I'll be fucking you with my favorite big strapon. I"ll bet you will like that one, won't you"

"Yes Mistress......"

Devina's Domme of The Day Sept 29

This exquisite Russian Domme crushes Her slave's cock with Her divine feet. It's obvious that he needs to rededicate his efforts to pleasing his Mistress.

Devina's TGirl of The Day Sept 29

This brazilian brunette babe shows off her cute curved cock. Yummy!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Devina's Domme of The Day Sept 28

Novice facesitting slaves sometimes require a bit of extra training motivation to properly learn how to worship their Mistress' ass. This Domme found a most proper method of securing Her slave's attention and focus...

Devina's TGirl of The Day Sept 28

This budding young tgirl babe is a bit nervous in front of the camera. So much so that her cock is scared stiff!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bois Will Be Gurls Vol 2

Another tribute to those who make the effort to better themselves by transforming into the superior gender...

So inspirational!!!!

Devina's TGirl and Domme of The Day Sept 27

This fortunate sub has a long hard session ahead of him with three she-cocks to service and drain.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Devina's Domme of The Day Sept 26

This poor sod doesn't stand a chance finding himself in the vise like thighs of Supreme Goddess Nikki Whiplash and Her friend who sits on what's left of his face. If one had to chose their owm method of demise, there are few things one would want to witness with their last breath than Mistress Whiplash's heavenly bottom

Devina's TGirl of The Day Sept 26

This blonde hottie gets her shecock serviced deep throat style by her willing partner. Have a good week ahead everyone!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

To Move Forward, One Must Leave Things Behind....

"I'm an arrogant male chauvinistic pig who needs Your control and guidance, and You are going to give it to me"

With those words my training under Mistress Morganna would begin each time. Eventhough I was a novice crossdresser and a budding Tgirl cocksucker, my journey through the world of BDSM had be enter through the gates as a simple green horn beginner male sub. I didn't share any of my other "interests" with Mistress Morganna in part out of embarrasment and personal discretion, and the other part out of fear that information like that could be used to acellerate my sessions at a pace that I may not be able to deal with at this early stage. So I started at the ground floor, as Mistress Morganna would patiently strip away the useless male traits i had and would reprogram be slowly, session by session as time went on to be a subservient, humble, respectful, slave to Her and to the Female Essence, of which I was already a disciple of.

One doesn't just snap their fingers and become a transformed shemale cocksucking sissy gurl, if it could only be that easy! No, one takes baby steps along the path, not certain where the journey leads but with each step and signpost passed, gains confidence and a broader understanding of who they truly are. Mistress Morganna first had to break me down to my bare essentials, with no prejudices left to lean on, no long held masculine personality traits to color my view, in essence I had to be reduced to a clump of clay, to be remoulded into something better. With each lash stroke and each gratefull acceptance, with each torment, with each stinging pain felt, with every humiliation, every degredation, She reduced me to something workable. I soon began to dimly see where my own path was at the starting point. I wasn't a pain seeking masocist or a defiant typical male asshole. No I strived to always be as well behaved as I could, to accept the pain and punishment as best I could and to learn the discipline needed to make Mistress Morganna happy and pleased with me. It all went back to that moment as a toddler feeling those pantyhose clad legs for the first time and receiving laughs and smiles from the Women above me. That's what I needed, that's what I craved to have within. So with each session I did  my best to earn that reward as best I could.

Mistress Morganna, armed with years of skill and experience, began to flush out of me the things that made me respond in a manner that was pleasing to Her. She began to see that I tollerated the corporal punishment She doled out, never complaining, but would stoicly accept it as a part of my training. She would also recognize the enthusiasm I put into kissing Her boots, or when being exceptionaly rewarded, the opportunity to kiss Her ass cheeks, which at times She made excruciatingly difficult to do while placed in some form of diabolical bondage. Her laughs watching me struggle to honnor Her ass with a kiss made me try all that much harder and in those moments, She began to see the potential of Her new clump of clay emerge. She took sadistic pleasure in subjecting me to CBT procedures and clothespin torture. I continued my cock bell ringing techniques to Her delight and I always strived as best I could to never upset her and work hard to earn any reward She would deem appropriate.

The day came when She deemed it proper that my training had progressed to the next level of my submissiveness, and that was to not simply be content with giving my exterior to Her as Her slave, but to now go deeper and that was to allow Her to take me as Hers. I was lashed to Her bondage bench with my legs split in the air, tied to the bench posts and blindfolded. I was left there for several moments to consider my fate and what awaited me. I didn't know what She had planned but I was beginning to get the picture that whatever it was, it was going to be new.

When She returned, She sent shockwaves through my body when I felt Her gloved hand lubricate my ass. Seeing my reaction She quietly reassured me,

" Don't worry slave, we'll start you with something nice and small. I'll wait to fuck you with my 10" cock another time."

Not exactly words of reassurement from an anal virgin, but I did as wa commanded and that was to breathe deeply and relax as best I could. Mistress slowly explored my ass with her gloved fingers working on loosening up my natural clench reaction. After a few moments I felt her insert a plug into me which at the time felt enormous (remember this was my first time!). Leaving me to get used to the new sensation, She returned moments later and asked me if I was ok?

"Yes Mistress, thank You" I replied.

"Good slut, now lets see how you enjoy it" and she surprised me by turning on the vibrator inside the plug. The sesnations couresed through my lower body unlike anything I ever experienced before. She then straddled my head with Her silky thighs and I felt Her gloved hands torment my cock with strokes as She told me it was time to work on my orgasm control. "Oh dear gawd" I thought to myself, as I was still not able to resist more traditional methods of Her orgasm control training, now She had me on a whole other level. She increased the vibrating speed to hum away in my ass as She stroked my pathetic male cock seeing me get worked up. I was reminded that I needed to ask permission to cum, and when I thought I might be getting close, I asked.

" Of course not slave!" She laughed

I held on as long as I could, with each second increasing my natural reactions to an exponentially higher level. It was in the middle of asking permission again when my body gave out and I unleashed a massive orgasm in the air and all over my torso. My cock twitched involuntarily as the vibrating plug sent waves of sesnastion deep within me.

Mistress Morganna laughed as She saw me ejaculate high into the air and all over myself on Her bench. "Oh slut, you made quite the mess! You must like having something in your ass, don't you? Well, we will have to make you earn that reward more often I see..."

I couldn't deny a word She said. It was intense beyond anything I ever experienced before. There were no feelings of guilt or shame with what She subjected me to. Sucking Shemale cock had taken care of all of those dilemas long before. I knew that I had reached a milestone now and Devina who had yet to emurge had additional seeds sown deep within her. As a pathetic male chauvinist pig, however, I had given myself to Mistress Morganna in a way I had never first dreamed, and it was wonderful......

Devina's Domme of The Day Sept 25

I love to watch the facial expressions shown by Divine facesitting Females as they take their rightfull place on a lowly sub's face. Often one sees a delightful mixture of assertiveness, power, and pleasure on their faces, unlike any other time seen on a Woman. This is a prime example...

Devina's TGirl of The Day Sept 25

Vicki Richter provides us all with some lovely Sunday morning wood ;)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Devina's Domme of the Day Sept 24

This blonde Dominatrix trains Her slave's asspussy with an inflatable butt plug to prepare for what's to come next, and that's a long strapon fucking. A good slave would have prepared himself for his Mistresses cock before hand...

Devina's TGirl of The Day Sept 24

Gracing our blog once again is the legendary Dany Evangelista, one of the sexiest tgirls of all time.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Devina's Domme of The Day Sept 23

There's nothing quite like it. The silky sensation of Her thighs as they wrap around your head, the sense of anticipation knowing Her Divine Essence is a few small inches away from your senses. You feel Her slowly decend on Her new face cushion and you can barely hear as you are overwhelmed by everything that is Female. Your thoughts are focused on one thing; making Her happy......

Devina's TGirl of The Day Sept 23

Carmen gets some attention to her T-clit on a friday! Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bois Will Be Gurls Vol 1

Time for something new. My tribute to those like minded sisters who strive to better themselves by enveloping their soul in the spirit of the Superior Female gender.

More volumes to come as my blog evolves! oxoxox Devina

Devina's Domme of The Day Sept 22

This Russian Dominatrix pounds Her slaves ass with Her enormous strapon. From Russia with love indeed....

Devina's TGirl of The Day Sept 22

I love the look this beauty is giving as she gets her she cock serviced. Hurry up and suck it boy, I have things to do...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

There's Something About Panties...

My day started innocently and mundane with a load of laundry to do. My suite was on the same floor as the laundry floor so it was super easy to get a load done quickly. I had already done a wash load and went to use the dryer when I realized there was still a fresh dried load in the drier. Seeing that the dryer was still warm, I took my wet clothes back to my suite to return a short while later. 20 min later I discovered the same load was still in the dryer with the owener's basket on top.

Now a little impatient, I decided to remove the laundry into the waiting basket and get on with my business of drying. I removed all the contents from the dryer into the basket, proceeded to load my damp clothes and set the timer. Placing the other basket on top of the dryer again, staring me in the face was a pair of medium white panties along with an entire basket of women's things. They werent plain, nor overly fancy, just nice.  Once again that familiar feeling gripped me, taking me all the way back to my folk's spare bedroom and Anna's divine panties on the floor.

Immediately I got incredibly turned on and thought to myself for a moment if I should? The thoughts raced through my head of having a new pair of panties to my lonely collection of two of Anna's. Yet I knew any second that door could open and the rightful owner could catch me! Nah, I couldn't, that would be just wrong and I went back to my suite to wait for my clothes to dry.

Upon my return some 40 min later, to my surprise the gift laundry basket with the white panties was still exactly where I had left it! Rationalizing to myself that this was some sort of sign, I grabbed the white pair off the top and stuffed them into my already tight jeans, while stuffing my own laundry as quickly as I could into my basket and scurried back to my own suite, heart pounding all the way!

As quickly as I could I pulled the white panties out and began to enjoy them immensely. I had no idea who they belonged to and that was the intoxicating part. Having Anna's was a trip in it's own right, but I had been down that road of fantasy in my head countless times. Now I had a pair that belonged to a stranger and it could be anyone's. Those panties put me back on track for awakening my dormant desires for women's clothing. Today my panty collection sits at over 80 pairs and I will be honest in saying that 95% of them have been aquired by more proper means, but I still have that pair from the laundry room to this day....

Devina's Domme of The Day Sept 21

It's worth the sore face, and the dizziness. It absolutely is. Worship your Mistresses ass daily....

Devina's TGirl of The Day Sept 21

On your knees you look up as she peels her panties off and you see her t-clit uncoil, waiting for your lips to make their aquaintance. Suck it boy....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Devina's TGirl and Domme of The Day Sept 20

One of the objectives of any Mistress is to properly train Her slaves to suck cock as a sign of their devotion to Her. Nothing quite brings the smile of satisfaction to a Divine Female Mistress' face than seeing Her slave take the real thing into their mouth for the first time. Domme's have to endure so much in shaping their slaves to become a properly trained sub, and this is one of the rewards, as you can clearly see. This Domme has that grin of satisfaction of a job well done...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Devina's Domme of The Day Sept 19

Nothing like getting called into your Female bosses office on a monday morning and being ordered to bend over and be Her office bitch for a good solid ass fuck. It's ok, you know you love it.....

Devina's TGirl of The Day Sept19

Just like unwrapping your favorite gift on xmass morining, this lucky cocksucker gets to unwrap her she dick out of those pastel panties and have it uncoil onto his lips

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Devina's Domme of The Day Sept 18

This male willingly subjects himself to some BBW facesitting to the point of passing out.

Devina's TGirl of The Day Sept 18

Foxy is about to have her sceptre polished by a very willing admirer...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Devina's Domme of The Day Sept 17

This ebony Mistress looks very pleased at the efforts of her subbie who is licking ass for all he is worth.....which isn't much now is it?

Devina's TGirl of The Day Sept 17

A great combo of legs, body, blonde, busty, and a tease of she cock for a saturday.