Thursday, August 18, 2011

Devina's Domme of The Day Aug 18

Today is the gorgeous Lady Barbara Erika who is using her slave as a bench. Lady Barbara is the premier foot/leg/heel fetish Domme out there and is simply amazing. Her link is available on my favorite places header.


  1. I am a submissive who has been getting sissy training from the house of sissify.
    I always have a butt plug up my ass, which I enjoy immensely. I am only allowed to masturbate for a few days a week. Help me please to become normal again.

  2. It's too late I've bought loads of panties, my breasts are growing, and now I have to get a bra.

  3. I love to be taken as a seat - where are you?

  4. I am transgender. And am about to transition. I luv Devina Cox and am into BDSM.

  5. Lady Barbara is a beautiful Goddess that could easily train slave caged in absolute and total obedience, worship and service to a truly superior female. Lady Barbara looks as if she would certainly not put up with slaves begging for an orgasm.