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Devina's Domme of the Day Aug 31

Mistress Karin graces our blog, brimming with supreme sexuality, and ready for action....

Devina's TGirl of The Day Aug 31

Another from one of my all time favs, Dani Evangelista. Hope August was good for you all. Looking forward to what's to come in Sept!

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Devina's Domme of The Day Aug 30

A little training aid for those subs who haven't yet come to grips with the natural fact that the highest place a sub will ever attain is at the ass level of his Mistress. Accept and embrace....

Devina's TGirl of The Day Aug 30

This naughty nurse gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "open up and say ahhhhh". Just wait until she takes his temperature!

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The Point of No Return: My First Cock

On the surface I was just like any other normal 22yr old guy. Working while going to school, dating, girlfriends, parties, etc. No one could ever imagine that at certain times, I would allow myself the guilty pleasures of learning about the world of kink, including still trying to understand BDSM more fully, and my newest desires; the idea of exploring what it would be like to be with a Shemale.  Within the pages of Kink Times magazine, and in the backpages of my local newspaper, I would see ads for a local Tgirl escort by the name of Diamond. It wasn't until I saw her more descriptive ads in Kinky Times did the idea of taking the plunge become something that was plausible.

Any hetero guy wrestling with the idea of experiencing an encounter with a Shemale must go through the same things I was. Did this mean I had gay tendencies? Was there things seriously fucked up with where my desires were taking me? Why was I so curious? Was I going to be disappointed the same way I sort of was when I had my first BDSM experience? Would the feelings of letdown if I went through with it, be even worse, knowing that I would be with someone who also had a cock? Those things and so much more went through my head for weeks and perhaps months. The biggest question however was, what did Diamond look like facial wise? Was she "a guy in a dress" or was she like the Shemales I had seen in magazines and videos, someone who was passable?  As I've stated before, I have had zero attraction to 'males' whatsoever and the idea of seeing a guy in a dress was a massive turnoff.

It was an early fall evening when out of the blue, I decided that I could not hold my curiosities at bay any longer. I worked up the nerve to call Diamond and was pleasently surprised to hear that her voice was very feminine, which put me more at ease immediately. I asked her if she was available that night and she told me she was. We made arrangements for me to visit her condo downtown and when I hung up the phone and began to get ready, my heart was racing. Just like when I was prepping for my first encounter with Mistress Morganna, a million thoughts raced through my head, and I was unprepared for any of them so I just focused on getting ready.

Finding a place to park near her condo, I was a nervous wreck. This was different than seeing Mistress Morganna. This was a point of no return for me. I felt light headed and a bit queasy as I rang the buzzer and she let me up. In the elevator ride to the 11th floor I remember telling myself that if she wasn't what I was expecting looks wise, that I should appoligize and leave. That would be the right thing to do, wouldn't it? Yes.

The elevator door opened and I found Diamond's suite. Palms sweating, queasy, nervous, heart pounding through my chest, and light headed, I knocked on the door..... I could hear someone on the other side come to the door and look through the peep hole. Then the door opened and in a dimly lit hallway, partially behind the open door stood Diamond. She was tall (5.10-6.0) with blonde natural hair, fair skinned, and was wearing a light colored dress. I was surprised at how completely passable she looked. I was in no way expecting her to be so fully transitioned.

"Come on in." Diamond said softly.

I entered her nicely furnished condo, feeling more at ease with each step, but still very light headed and heart racing. We exchanged pleasantries and asking my name, she asked me to remove my coat and shoes and to come into the living room. She asked me to sit down on the sofa beside her and sensing my nervousness she asked,

" Have you ever been with a girl like me before?"

" no I haven't." I stammered.

"Well please be assured you have nothing to worry about, I'm very understanding with first timers. Tell me, why did you want to see me?" She asked with a relaxing tone and pleasant smile.

" Well....I've been curious for a little while, and after I had seen my first video with a transsexual in it, I found it quite....stimulating" I nervously laughed.

She joined in my laugh and explained that she wouldn't do anything with me tht I wasn't comfortable doing and if I didn't want to continue at any point to just politely request that we stop and things would be ok. I was feeling much more comfortable upon hearing how she was concerned that I wouldn't be uncomfortable at any time.

"Would you like a drink, and I can put on a video for you? " She asked

I agreed and she went to the kitchen to get each of us a glass of wine. Upon returning she went over to her TV and picked out a shemale porn video and as it played she sat down beside me and we toasted our glasses and she said softly, " Just relax and enjoy yourself hun..."

Diamond curled up beside me while we watched the video for a few moments and reached over to touch my hand which was cold with nervousness. She giggled and told me that it was good to be nervous and that she would warm my hands up. As she touched my hands, they felt completely feminine, and it eased my mind. By this time each of my senses were on extreme alert, knowing that this encounter was the point of no going back. I reminded myself that if I wanted to leave, I could at any time, but with each moment with Diamond, those fears were easing. She smelled great, her skin was soft and when she placed her hand on my upper thigh, my cock sprang to instant hardness. Sensing my growing comfort, she gently caressed my bulge in my jeans as we both watched the gurl on gurl action on the screen.

A moment later Diamond took my now warming hand and brought to to the hem of her dress and ran my hand up her thigh. My heart began to race as I knew where she was heading. When my fingetips began to feel the silk of her panties, my senses were about to hit overload. Then for the first time in my life, I felt what was like no other, her cock slightly aroused behind her silk panties! She slowly removed my hand and allowed me the freedom to explore on my own. It was a combination of silk, soft and firmness, unlike anything my hands had felt before and her bulge was becoming more pronounced with each passing moment. She slowly leaned over and kissed my earlobe and as the tingling sensations overcame me, I moved aside her panties and for the first time, I felt a cock in my hand other than my own. It was incredibly silky smooth like velvet, as I took it in my hand and gently stroked it. The feeling of it getting hard in my hand was mind blowing as she continued nibbling at my ear. I turned my head and our lips met as I continued to stroke her grwoing cock as she unzipped my jeans and dove her hand into my pants to return the favor.

We kissed and stroked each other and all I could remember was thinking that there was no odd sensation that she wasn't anything other than a woman. She smelled like a woman, was soft like a woman, kissed like a woman, was gentle like one, sensual like one, everything. She just had this strange and exotically wonderful growing cock in her panties and with each passing second, my cares and fears were slipping awayas we made out like any two people would. She then got up off the sofa and casting a silouette infront of the TV, she slipped off her dress in front of me to reveal her almost perfect body to me. She undid her bra to reveal two perfect breats and asked me to get up and come over to her. I did immediately as she began to take my clothes off and within moments we were both naked excet for her bulging hardon straining against her silk white panties. "Would you like to remove them for me?" She asked coyly

Not being needed to be told twice I lowered myself to my knees and with both hands slowly peeled down her panties and was suddenly face to face with her silky smooth shaven cock as it popped out. I felt as if I was stoned at that moment as the endorphins from who knows where flooded my brain. Instinctively I opened my mouth and she moved forward ever so slightly just to place the tip of her cock on my lips. The feeling was incredible. Never had anything so smooth passed my lips.I kissed the head over and over and ran my tongue all around the head as she ran her fingers through my hair drawing me insticntivey ever so closer as I took her cock into my mouth, like a young calf who feeds on it's mother for the first time.

This was so much more than I ever imagined and we had just gotten started! I slowly sucked on her cock, taking it in as far as I could without gagging, slowly taking it in a bit more each time as she softly moaned. I placed my hands on her hips and would bring her into my mouth which was dripping with saliva and anticipation as I indulged myself like a kid on a carnival lollypop. I really have no idea how long I was on my knees sucking her cock for, when she pulled out and asked me to lie down on the carpet rug in the midle of the living room. I did as instructed and she straddled my head from above and I watched as she slowly worked her way down to straddle my body, never taking my eyes off her cock as it dangled. Now in a 69 position she slipped it into once again my awaiting mouth and for the first time I felt the senastion of her completely smooth balls as they came to rest on my face. OMG what a sensation!

As she took my rock hard cock in her mouth we both sucked each other off, with me now being somewhat less of a virgin cocksucker, and now was enthusiasticly working my head to meet her cock and balls as she rocked them back and forth as they met my face. Diamond was now herself feasting on my cock as well and it didn't take very long to feel like I was going to explode in a mind shattering orgasm. I asked her to stop for a moment because I was going to cum and she backed off, while still sliding her cock in and out of my mouth and reaching for a condom at the same time. I was fully engaged on her dick non stop and when she resumed sucking mine, it didn't take more than a few short moments to test the tensile strength of the condom as I blew off  what felt like the biggest load of my life in a body twitching orgasm!

I kept sucking until I felt completely drained and when I let out an exasperated sigh and my body felt completely relaxed, Diamond turned to me and cuddled a bit on the rug with a big smile, asking me if I enjoyed myself. With a big grin I assured her I most certainly had and that I needed a moment to compose myself before even thinking about getting to my feet. She caressed my still twitching cock for a few minutes and ran her fingers through my hair until I felt my strength return. After cleaning up and gaining my composure somewhat, we hugged and I thinked her so much for what was an amazing first experience. She hoped that she would see me again, and I assured her I would.

Upon leaving and getting back to my car, I was swirling with the thoughts of what had just taken place and all over the map menatlly and emaotionally as to what it all meant. it would take me some time to come to terms with this experience and what it would all mean, but the one thing I knew was there was no way to turn back now... I was now a cocksucker and I liked it!

Devina's TGirl of The Day Aug 28

Today's brunette babe shows us the stunning combination of stunning eyes, kissable lips, great body, and a beautiful she cock. Just lovely!

Devina's Domme of The Day Aug 28

A good slave should always be at the ready to offer his face what his Mistress needs to take a break from those 6 inch heels...

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Devina's TGirl of The Day Aug 27

Victoria is another stunning blonde beauty with a delicious she-cock needing attention..

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The Evolution Continues: The Shemale Cock...

While my first experience with a Dominatrix was unlike anything I ever experienced before in my young adult life, I came away unsure as to if it was something that fit into my desires in a way that I could indulge myself in. Some of the sensations and experiences were definitely stimulating, however I think looking back at the time, that my impressions were that the corporal punishment and physical pain portion of BDSM were too much for what my interests really were. At that time I had no idea how BDSM was like a multi-faceted diamond, and that one could choose to dive into the areas that interested them. Back then I though that all experiences would be pretty much like what I went through with Mistress Morganna, and I wasn't sure if that was for me or not? I had so much to learn on that front, and eventhough my impressions going away were less than 100% positive, it didn't stop my curiosity of learning more about BDSM, and my new budding curiosity... the world of Shemales

I can't recall the first time I walked into an adult video store with the intent to specifically buy a Shemale porn video, but I do recall the anxiety I felt when I decided I was going to buy one. I included it with a couple of straight videos as well as a couple of magazines, including the new Kinky Times that was out. When I got it home I remember watching it intently and while some of the TGirls weren't at the level of passibility seen in todays beauties, some of them were unnaturally hot and attractive.

Also in the new edition of Kinky Times magazine was a local ad for a shemale escort, Diamond. Her face was obscured but her body looked extremely feminine. Now I had a local avenue for my curiosity as my small collection of shemale porn expanded a bit at a time. I was nowhere near able to start stringing together my now dormant love of women's clothing, my experiement in BDSM, and now my emerging curiosity in Shemales, but what I did know is that for a young man of 20 yrs old, my horizions were expanding most likely far beyond those my age, and I did enjoy the fact that my interests were becoming diverse.

What I struggled with at first was how I viewed what a Shemale was to me. Some people see Shemales, TGirls, and transgendered gurls as "guys in a dress", whereas perhaps based on my own experiences with my attraction at a young age to women's clothing, and my comfort level with much of my experimentation up until my being discovered, I didn't view the Shemales I was seeing on the TV screen and in the magazines as 'male' at all. To me they represented something different, something unique. I could somehow relate on some unknown level to their transformation, eventhough I couldn't relate to the idea of being with a man whatsoever.

But what I was becoming increasingly aware of, was my own curiosity of wondering what it would be like to be with a shemale, and the exotic forbidden idea of what it would be like to have a shemale cock in my mouth. With each new issue of Kinky Times Magazine, and each time I would see Diamond's ad in the backpages of the local paper, my curiosity was growing. Just as it did with my BDSM experience, something inside me knew that when I was ready, I would succumb to this urge to experiment just like in the past. It was as if the Silk Trap still had me in it's twisted clutches....

Devina's Domme of The Day Aug 26

Today's Domme is exhibiting one of the finest arts of BDSM and that is the art of facesitting or queening. Nothing shows total ownership over a slave than a Divine Woman planting her heavenly ass on the face of her subject. Any slave in such a position should recognize the honor bestowed upon them and forego their own needs of consciousness and oxygen, purely to serve their Mistress...

Devina's TGirl of The Day Aug 26

Happy Friday everyone. For your viewing (and whatever else) pleasure we have a petite blonde with beautiful white stockings and a nice hard she dick. Enjoy! oxox

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Devina's Domme of The Day Aug 25

Nothing makes a Domme as happy as a slave giving Her delectable feet some loving care and attention. Make sure you kiss a woman's foot with care, attention and feeling. Her smile will be your reward...

Devina's TGirl of The Day Aug 25

Sometimes there's just no way a bikini can hold back a monster like the one this brazilian babe is packing. What a dangle...

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Devina's Domme of the Day Aug 24

What every slave's vision of nirvana should be...

Devina's TGirl of The Day Aug 24

This sultry brunette shemale goddess is simply irresistable. The hair, lips, breats, legas and that t-clit all add up to one sexy lady!

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Devina's Domme of The Day Aug 22

Back to work on a monday morning. Time for all you males to upgrade your receptionists chair...

Devina's TGirl of The Day Aug 22

This Blondie is driving a hard bargain this monday morning. Love those shoes as well!

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Devina's TGirl of The Day Aug 21

OMG I just love this girl. Just look at that gorgeous black dick! Any good gurl would just jump at the opportunity to wrap her lips around that one and drain it....

Devina's Domme of The Day Aug 21

Now here's a male that knows his place!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Taking the Plunge - My First Femdom Experience

By the time I had graduated from high school and the year that followed I was working towards moving to the nearest city to the small community of which I had grew up in to continue my schooling and get on with my new adult life. By the time I was 19 and had moved into a tiny apartment of my own, I had managed to nest egg a decent amount of cash after working quite hard with a chemical company I had worked for seasonally since my junior year of high school. Not much was happeneing of note during the time of my senior year and the year that followed in terms of my still budding kink desires, as I was too busy working like mad to be able to go to school and have a place of my own.

Like any young man moving to the big city, I had some wild oats to sow, and that certainly happened just like any other young guy. However, now that I had a place completely to myself, I suddenly had the freedom to allow those desires and fantasies, born years earlier to rise to the surface without any real fear of being discovered, at least in a home sense.

What I also now had at my disposal was the access to more adult content far beyond the few Hustler, Swank, and Chic magazines I had in my collection, where now I had the ability to walk into my first porn store, where I was overcome with the choices one had in buying porn videos, toys, magazines, and local publications, which fascinated me. In particular, was a paperback magazine called Kinky Times, and on the cover was a familiar name, Mistress Morganna.

I had never seen Her picture before, only knew Her by the ad in the back pages of the local paper, and when I got that magazine home, I read it cover to cover several times. In it was stories, personal ads of all types and additional pics of Mistress Morganna in action. Mezmorized I was, yet each time I wanted to call, I was taken back to my first horrifically botched attempt to call Her and I would chicken out, time and time again. Finally on one summer eve, I worked up the nerve and steadied myself as best I could and dialed the number. When She answered, I did my best to be calm and polite. Her demeanor was different from the first time I called over a year before and it made me feel better. I asked if it was possible to see Her, and when asked in return if I had ever been with a Dominatrix before, I honestly and nervously replied that I hadn't.

"How old are you?"

"Nineteen Ma'am"

"Why are you interested in seeing me?"

" I have been curious for a long time about what it would be like to be with a Dominatrix, and I finally worked up the nerve to try" I replied.

" This is what you're going to do then. You will book a room at the Hotel ______, and call me again from there. Then I will determine if I will see you, is that understood?"

"Yes Ma'am I stammered"

" Good, now make sure you have the proper amount of tribute with you" and She gave me the amount.

Luckily I knew where the hotel was and it was a nice enough place at least from what I could always see from the outside. It wasn't far from the airport. I hurried to take a shower and make myself as presentable as possible, not even knowing how once should present themselves to a Dominatrix? That's how green I was, lol!!!!

When I arrived to the Hotel , I went to register at the desk when to my absolute horror, behind the desk was the older sister of a neighbor buddy of mine from school! Holy hell, I was suddenly embarrassed from head to toe as I was forced to aks her for a room.

" Hey! How come you're staying here?" She asked

" I just need a room for some downtime before catching a  flight" I stammered.

" Oh, cool, where you off to?"

"Toronto, work is sending me for training" was all I could muster.

This to date was the most uncomfortable few moments of my life since being discovered in Anna's house with her panties and stockings on, no question. I had a suspicion she wasn't buying what I was selling but it didn't matter now, I was committed.  On what seemed like an hour, moments later I got my keys and remembered enough to back outside to make it look like I was getting some bags (I had none) and came back in to the hotel through a side entrance and found my room. by this time my heart was beating through my chest as I steadied myself to make the call to Mistress Morganna from my hotel room.

Once again She answered and I re-introduced myself and informed Her that I had checked in as She requested and gave Her my room number.

" Good boy, I will visit you in an hour" was all She said and hung up the phone.

3600 seconds can be an awful long time and I tried to relax to no avail, tried to watch some TV, but was distracted, thought about jerking off but wasn't sure if I should or not. Shit, I was basically a nervous wreck! The clock ticked by slowly and when the hour was upon me I prepeared myself for what was about to happen, of which I still really had no idea truly what was in store.

"Knock Knock Knock!"

My heart stopped for a moment. I went to the door, looked thru the peep hole and there She was! I had no idea how to answer the door properly so I did the only thing I could think of that was proper, I went to my knees and opened the door to let Her in. Upon seeing me She smiled and said, "Hello boy."

"Hello Mistress" I quietly smiled back.

She asked me to get up and we spent a few minutes discussing Her tribute, which I had for Her, and what my interests were. To my credit I explained that while I had a deep curiosity of what this whole world was like, I had no idea what it was that I was looking to experince, I was a complete newbie in Her hands.

Upon hearing my attempt to be earnest in my explanation, She began by giving me an "identification" whenever I chose to call Her on the phone so she would know who I was. Then we began.

"Get undressed, now!"

Startled I quickly without hestitation began to remove my clothes. It was the first time I got naked in front of a woman older than me or for purposes other than lust filled teenager sex. When I was naked before her She inspected me fully.

" Head down, hands behind your back, stand still slave." as She viewed what it was She was dealing with, while strolling completely around me. " On your knees!"

I did immediately as ordered as She began caressing my head and shoulders with Her gloved hands.

" Now I am going to give you a phrase that you will learn and repeat to Me every time you are in My presence when I ask it of you. repeat after Me... "I am an arrogant male chauvinist pig who needs Your control and guidance, and You are going to give it to me" Repeat that slave!"

I tried my best to repeat the phrase with all my nerve endings tingling, and after a few botched attempts I managed to repeat the phrase to Her satisfaction. Once satisfied with my effort She proceeded to deliver a smorgasboard of BDSM samplers including being tied up to the room chair, being lightly flogged, being smothered by Her enormous breats while I struggled to hear Her commands, being tied up in a few various rope bondage positions, and being forced to service Her shoes and feet, which I glady did. Upon sensing my exhuberence for the servitude aspect, She then commanded me to begin kissing her stocking clad legs from behind, from the tips of Her heels, slowly up the line in her stockings, pausing to say "Thank You Mistress" each time after kissing Her panty clad ass cheeks, and repeating the process all the way down. This repeated several times and She could see how enthusiastic I was in that, as I truly enjoyed the experience as it took me back to my early days feeling pantyhose for the first time.

Once the sensual part of the session was done Mistress Morganna began to introduce me to the world of corporal punishment, where She began paddling, whipping, and using Her riding crop on my reddening bottom, all the time asking me to count off the lashes. Each time I would flinch or mess up, more punishment was added to my sentence. Finally She decided to have me lay out on the bed, stomach down, and straddled me on my legs and whispered in my ear,

" Bet I can make you beg for mercy..."

" I'm sure you can Mistress"

She laughed and proceeded to wallop each ass cheek with Her bare hands until I couldn't take it no more nd asked for mercy.

" Not bad for a boy, most give up far quicker than you did. We'll see how you last in my dungeon..."

While I was being subjected to the corporal punishment, I remember distinctly thinking this whole experience, while exciting, was not stimulating my brain the way I thought it would. I didn't know why, everything was completely new, but I wasn't "getting off " mentally like I had hoped. During that I honestly remember thinking that while this was fun, unique, and such, I probably wouldn't go through it again, if this was all there was to this whole " Mistress thing"

As the session drew to a close She proceeded to introduce my cock to the world of CBT and tied my cock and balls up while blindfolded and re-tied to the room chair and slowly began tugging and pulling on the head of my erect cock, seeing how I was reacting.

" You know I could yank your pathetic cock right off in this way, but that wouldn't be much fun." But to re-enforce her point she pulled it hard to the ground, causing a lot of discomfort. Seeing me squirm brought laughter to Her and in one swell move jerked the rope in such a way that the way She had tied my cock up in a spiral unravelled in quite a stimulating way and I coudn't help but smile in delight.

"Oh, you like that! Well you're going to do something for Me that you will like."

She ordered me to begin stroking my cock slowly while She placed Her shoe into my balls and cautioned me not to cum until I asked permission and was given. Being told at what pace to stroke, the limitations of a 19 yr old body couldn't comply and I quickly wasked for permission to come, to which I was denied, but it was too late! I shot an enormous load straight into the air, to which Mistress Morganna laughed.

" Oh my little boy! You almost hit the ceiling!" Mistress Morganna laughed.

"Sadly you didn't get my permission so we will have to work on your training next time"

With that, I was untied, allowed to compose myself and clean up. After a short discussion as to how I enjoyed myself, I was given permission to contact Her again and I would be allowed next time to serve Her in Her dungeon. I thinked Her profusely for such a unique experience and when She left, She asked me to repeat back what I was.

" I'm an arrogant male chauvinist pig, who needs Your control and guidance, and You are going to give it to me"

" Good boy" She smiled and walked out.

 I reflected on the experience. While it was truly unlike anything I ever experienced before, I was left asking if it was worth it, and wondering if I would ever go through it again? What I didn't know at the time is that I had built up so many mental expectations fueled by fantasy, that there was no way a hotel session could possibly live up to the unknown. For now, I was happy that I went through it, but thought, " This isn't for me"

How little did I know then.....

Devina's TGirl of The Day Aug 20

A lazy saturday morning is a great time for a tgirl to give her clit a little attention while laying in bed....

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Devina's Domme of The Day Aug 19

Mistress Darla Kincade is today's supreme Domme for you all. Ready for business.... Happy Friday!

Devina's TGirl of The Day Aug 19

Happy Friday everyone! I just love those stockings...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Devina's Domme of The Day Aug 18

Today is the gorgeous Lady Barbara Erika who is using her slave as a bench. Lady Barbara is the premier foot/leg/heel fetish Domme out there and is simply amazing. Her link is available on my favorite places header.

A baby deer's first steps...

By the time I hit my 18th birthday, the curiosity of the world of BDSM was something that was floating around in the background of that part of my mind where all the other kink aspects of my personality resided. In the couple of years that followed the Anna Experience, my active involvement dropped right off, and I think I had shifted to the mental exploration and education mode of new and evolving interests such as BDSM and the yet to be coined phrase, TGirls.

Still living in a smaller community and at home, there was no opportunities for a young man to really gain much of an education in those areas. It probably was an ad in the back of the local metropolis newspaper that gave me an avenue to take the first wobly steps as a baby deer would in encountering my first Domme.

Looking back in hindsight, I probably was another in a long list of "phone idiots" that a Domme has to unfortual with on a daily basis, when I worked up enough nerve to make a call and enquire about.....well...I wasn't even sure? I don't think I even had an agenda when I made the phone call, my hands and voice trembling. The first time, the call went to a voice mail, and I could right away hear in the voice on the other end, that this Woman was a no nonsense, means business type. That made my heart and head race even faster. Over the next few days I attempted to call a couple of more times, each time getting the same voice mail, and then when I had almost given up, on ring two, She answered....

What followed was a haphazzard attmpt at trying to learn about what could take, place, what kind of "tribute" was involved (it wasn't worded that way then, lol) and what one could expect. Instantly I could tell She had little time for my BS and as I stammered my way through what up to that point was the most awkward phone call in my life, She ended it abruptly, obviously upset that I had wasted Her time. I was almost relieved that it was over, and thought to myself how maybe this wasn't cut out for me afteral. Nah, maybe some things are better left to the imagination, I thought. I had other things to worry about, and soon I would be moving to the big city to carry on with my schooling. Oh what lessons would be awaiting me.....

On a side note, I would like to take this opportunity to finally appoligize to Mistress Morganna for the foolishness of my youth, and for the dumb questions I was asking and for wasting Her time. Better late than never I hope...

Devina's TGirl of The Day Aug 18

Who can resist a vivacious redhead wearing leather boots and a wicked smile? I can't ....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Devina's Domme of The Day Aug 17

Mistress Jane or Stapon Jane as She is better known is one of the premier Women in the world of Femdom. Her scenes with girls and sissies alike make Her on of the most intense Women on the planet. Amazing!