Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back for Another Taste

The first time I was asked to house sit for Anna it was a brave new world full of dizzying new experiences that would forge a large part of my still developing psyche. The three weeks spent playing in her clothing each night was a life altering experience never to be duplicated. However this second time I was asked to watch over the hosue, I now had time to formulate a plan. I already new which of her things I craved to touch, feel, and smell. and which outfits stirred desires deep within. The 11 months spent in solitary with my prized trophy panties of Anna's allowed new desires to form and new fantasies that needed attention.

I was now just begining to understand my being a slave to the Silken Trap and how it was starting to open up a whole new side of my persona, still deeply hidden within but growing nonetheless. When I took the keys and re-entered Anna's house as they left for holidays, I now had a purpose. Step one was again to take a complete mental inventory of where all her things were and to relocate my favorite things of hers. much to my delite, her panty drawer had grown and there were new beautiful pairs to go along with my sorely missed favorites.

The gameplan played out much the same, find a pair of gently used stockings and panties and that would be my evening wear along with a sliken nightie as I immursed myself in her things. I would also begin to carefully experiment with lipstick and blush, while in crude and rudimentary ways, they added to the flights of fancy I was on each night. When dressed all I could think about was being enveloped in Womanhood and how wonderfull it would be if somehow I could present myself in an approving way enfemme' to all the Females in my life that stirred my desires. From Anna to the cheerleading squad, to the neighbors wife, to the checkout girl at the supermarket, and so on and so on. My desires to be encased in women's clothing was always to connect more deeply to the female essence and the two weeks I now had kept cementing those desires night after night. From the dresses, slips, skirts, lingerie, panties, garters, bras, hosiery and everything in between I was providing nourishment to what would become Devina, and it was allllll good.....

Devina's TGirl of The Day July 31

Miss Kelly Shore is todays Tgirl of the day. It's truly inspiring to see each new generation of Tgirl reach new heights in passivity as the influence of the Female Essence takes hold within society with each passing year.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Devina's TGirl of The Day July 30

Brazilain babe Bianca is our Tgirl of the day. Absolutely gorgeous from head to toe.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Devina's TGirl of The Day July 29

Nothing like a little Love to share on a friday with Olivia Love, one of my all time favs.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Every Night the Dreams Returned to Haunt Me...

With my total access to Anna's entire wardrobe now cut off upon her return, I was left with my single solitary prized pair of her panties to treasure. 90% of my time passed like any other normal teen kid, no one could have ever guessed otherwise in their wildest dreams. However my wildest dreams were manifesting themselves almost nightly and all the latent desires, reinforced from my early days, now bonded to my psyche from my experiences in Anna's Garden of Eden, began sowing new seeds mixed with the raging hormones of youth.

I would fantasize alone about being covered in panties to sleep on, to be made to stroke an endless sea of pantyhose clad women's legs, and to be subjected to the desires of women of all types when it came to their intimates. Perhaps it was the guilt emerging to mix with my wanton lust over Anna's things and what they were now meaning to me, that began to lay the foundation of what others would call today Forced Feminization and Humiliation. But from my earliest experiences, this didn't feel forced, it felt natural. If I knew I wouldn't be discovered, I could easily switch from one part of my everyday male personality and flip the switch to delve into my feminine side (I had yet to discover my Devina personality, that would come much later), but the risk of doing so and being discovered far outweighed the rewards at such an age, approaching my 15th birthday. No, for now I would dream, and fantasize and masturbate wildly to my prized pair of Anna's panties, longing for the opportunity to once again enter her Garden of Eden.

Months passed, and life for the most part was without incident, nothing unusual. Then as fall moved past into early winter, Anna came over to our house to ask me another favor. They were off to Hawaii for two weeks and needed someone to watch the house.....

Devina's TGirl of The Day July 28

A slice of shemale heaven for you all today. I'm not sure what her name is but she is absolutely gorgeous.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Return Home and a Momento...My First Pair

3 glorious weeks had now quickly come to an end, and in the last remaining days I scoured the house to make sure there was no telltale signs of the wonderous journey I had taken into Womanhood via Anna's wardrobe. I checked, double checked, tripple checked each square inch of the master room, walk in closet, vanity, master bath, hampers, anywhere where I may have left behind the slightest clue that her kid brother in law had spent the past 21 days jerking off wildly to her things, and immursed in the fantasies that would shape him for years and years to come.  After being certain that no stone was left unturned and replaced as it was, I was confident that I was home free, however there was a sense of sadness enveloping me about the realization I wouldn't have this type of access to Anna's gateway to Femininity for who knows how long, if ever again? Suddenly I had an idea. I needed a momento....I went to Anna's panty drawer one last time and took a look. After what seemed like hours I spotted a pair that was semi plain, a bit worn, a pair of white satin with lace rim that had seen better days. Surely these wouldn't be missed, would they? I decided they would be my keepsake of the experience which shaped me in ways I couldn't possibly understand until years later. I stuffed them into my pocket and the all to familiar raging bulge that greeted me upon my first arrival to Anna's Garden of Eden, saw me off home.

Anna popped by the house to ask me if everything went ok?

"Sure, no problems at all." Was all I could stammer, wondering if my face looked as flush as it felt..

The days after their return, I was a bit of a nervous wreck, fearfull that I overlooked something, somewhere, but after a week or so I felt secure I was in the clear. All that remained was my trophy pair of Anna's panties which caried me through many a private moment in my bedroom, as I waited for another chance to return to the Garden of Eden..

Devina's Tgirl of The Day July 26

Bianca is quite simply one of the most beautiful Tgirls on the planet. Enjoy.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Garden of Eden Lasting Effects

For three solid weeks I was given the keys to unlock the doors of Utopia and to enter unabashed into the world of Anna's Femininity. At that time there were zero thoughts of what this brave new world of exploration meant, or would mean, there were no feelings of guilt or shame, nothing but pure devotion to my sudden unleashing of the desires forged as a tot and I relished every single moment.  Each time I put on one of Anna's panties, stockings, garters, bras, dresses, blouses, heels, anything, it wasn't associated with some latent desire to express any feelings of attraction to men, in fact it was 100% the opposite! I was celebrating the glory of Womanhood and what it meant to me.  Each time I found myself dressed head to toe in Anna's things, my brain pathways were being forged to accept that I had a serious and undeniable devotion to Women and all that they represented. Each young teen fantasy I had about Girls was being morphed into desires of serving their female essence, being devoted to their power of Femininity, and being a simple piece of unmoulded clay to what those powers could do.

As a young teen, the three weeks spent enveloped in all her things laid the foundation of what was to come later in life. The Silk Trap now had me for life and I couldn't be happier.

Devina's TGirl of The Day July 25

Nothing like a cute blonde with a cute cock on a monday morning. Such a sweet looking girl. Muah!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Devina's TGirl of The Day July 24

Just a little slice of perfection on a fine Sunday morning. oxoxox

More from the Garden of Eden

Being given the keys to my own Shangrala for 3 whole weeks allowed the the unimaginabe freedom to explore every fantasy I ever had about Anna in my life and I did so whole heartedly! Still taking extreme caution to remember where her things were kept and in what order, I spend countless hours while housesitting for those three weeks completely enveloped in her panties, stockings, lingerie, heels, dresses, jeans, skirts, tops, pantyhose, jewlery, makeup, I threw myself into it all. I once just started putting all her panties in her drawer on my face and laying on the floor just to soak in the scents and essence of her womanhood as it fused into deep regions of my brain.

I carefully tried on outfits, ensembles, every possible thing that would fit and that I could enjoy of Anna's. I was in pure heaven. The only nagging thing in my mind was now that I had discovered all the wonderous beauty of Anna's clothing, how could I possibly say no to the drug when she returned and I would no longer have such unlimmited access? I kept putting that question to the back of my mind as hour after hour in the evenings I would try on every single piece of clothing that would fit and enjoy my evenings in sheer bliss. The seeds that had germinated and would become "devina' were now growing and taking root and I couldn't be happier...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Devina's TGirl of The Day July 23

Miriam has always been a fav of mine, and I hope you enjoy her as well. I should be able to resume the story portion of my blog early next week so have a good weekend all. oxox

Friday, July 22, 2011


Wow, I've reached my first blog milestone with 1000 views. Thank you all so much. I never would have dreamed when I wa inspired to do this that I would be anywhere near this amount of hits in such a short period of time. I'm inspired to do more and make this place even better. Thanks again! oxox


Devina's TGirl of The Day July 22

I love finding new emerging Shemales when they reach that state where you can see the male-ness fall away, replaced with a growing aura of Femininity. Like an ugly catepillar becoming a beautiful butterfly...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Devina's TGirl of The Day July 21

While usually not the biggest fan of the asian ladyboys, this one particular hottie can certainly put a bulge in my panties like she has in hers!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Devina's TGirl of the Day July 20

Today's Shemale goddess is none other than porn superstar Bailey Jay. Oh my goodness that outfit and heels makes one think naughty thoughts...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Editorial Comment Pt 1

Thought this would be as good of time as any to explain something as we go on. As you will have already guessed and will learn for yourselves in detail as the days weeks and months follow, I have some diverse tastes in sexuality. However that being said, my primal love, desire, and reason for being who I am today is because of Womanhood. The very first time I touched a pantyhose clad leg as a toddler and received positive reinforcement for that, the neurons in my brain associated happiness by pleasing Women.

As you will learn my passions have evolved to include Shemales, Transexuals, Transgendered, and Passable Tgirls as well. The simple reason is that in my love and emulation of the Divine Female Form and Spirit, those aforementioned have bettered themselves by devoting their lives to become as close to being Female as their mind and body would allow. I do not know if I will ever be as accomplished as some of them, but in my aspriation to improve myself, I chose to respect, love and serve them as well as genetic Females.

Men have never, ever provided any sort of inspiration or stimulation in the slightest and never will. My journey through the tapestry of Womanhood is purely based on my love, desire, and passion to be encapsuled in what makes the Female Essence unique in the universe.

(steps off soapbox)

Devina's TGirl of The Day July 19

This is the type of Shemale goddess that makes virgins cringe and lovers salivate. When you see that python uncoil from her panties and it's as big soft as you are hard, and you know it's only going to grow once you start giving it attention. You know you wanna....

Monday, July 18, 2011

Alone at last in the Garden of Eden

The months they passed, the wedding came and went without a hitch, and the newlywed's house was built. It was finally time for my brother to take his new bride on a long awaited holiday. By this time I was a 14 yr old hormone fueled teen who once again had surpressed the reoccuring urges of my childhood and focused my attention on what all 14 yr old teens did, sports and girls.

Nothing was different in my life than it was for any other kid in my position. Then the day came when it all changed, and the silk trap would soon reach out and ensnare me once again, this time with longer lasting effects than ever. Anna came by our house and asked to speak with me. Always enthused to see Anna, I bounded in from the back yard when she came out and asked me, " Can I ask a big favor of you?"

"Sure, what do you need" was my reply, and I could never say no to her anyways.

"Well, you know that we are leaving on that long awaited honeymoon now that the house is finished, and we were hoping that you could look after the place when we were gone for a few weeks?"

Suddenly that same feeling that gripped me so hard and completely when I discovered Anna's pastel pink lace panties on the floor of our guestroom, swept over me like a cold shower and all I could do was utter a simple, ' Uhhh...sure?"

" Great! Thanks so much, swing by the house later and I'll show you where everything is and what you need to do." Anna said, thrilled that the house would be looked after while they were gone.

All that day I was a bundle of nerves, and whn I came over, it was business as usual. Anna showed me where everything was, what I had to do, which plants needed watering and when, along with all the little things that needed to be looked after. "Just no parties, and no friends hanging out here, ok? You can do that a home. You don't need to stay over the whole time, just a few nights a week so it looks like someone's always here."

" No problem" I replied, there was no chance of anyone being there while I had the whole place to myself anyways.

When the day came for them to fly off to their tropical destination, I quickly ate my supper at home and after doing nothing in my room for a while, I hopped on my bike and set off for my house sitting duties which  told my folks I would take very seriously. Thrilled at the show of responsibility, they saw me off, knowing I wasn't far away and if I needed anything, I was a quick phone call away.

Upon opening the door for the first time, my stomach was in nervous knots. All the way there, I could think only about those same pastel lace pink panties and renwing my aquaintance with them in earnest. I'm sure an entire bottle of viagra couldn't match what I was packing as I closed the door behind me, letting the silence of the quiet house take over and hearing nothing but my heart thump in my chest and the blood rush in my ears.

I decided to take a moment and do the things I neeed to do domestically, make sure everything was done what needed and then began discretely closing all the drapes, and window coverings, ensuring my complete privacy and discretion. Then I took my first steps into the garden of eden, the master bedroom..

The house was built to give a new bride everything she needed. Her own walk in closet, vanity, the works. My first mission was to familiarize myself with where everything was, and to take a mental inventory of where things were, and in what order. I couldn't be careless, this much I knew. Step one, look through all the dresser cabinets and observe. Then the motherload, the panty drawer!

To me it was like the scene in Raiders of The Lost Ark, when they entered the hallowed chamber. The drawer was full of untold riches to my psyche and it was so overwhelming all I could do was just look. Other drawers contained more riches; stockings, pantyhose, slips, etc. Walking into Anna's walk-in closet left me awestruck. Hanger after hanger of her clothes all waiting silently, inviting me to explore the deepest reaches of my mind forged in that very first moment when I felt my first pair of pantyhose on a woman's leg. I had three whole weeks to completely indulge myself into everything feminine. The early seeds of a sissy were sown years before, but now the seeds beagn to germinate and the very first traces of what would become Devina, poked up from under the rich soil of youth.

This was going to be the experience of a lifetime......

Devina's TGirl of the Day July 18

Nothing like a rock hard beauty from Brazil to get one's blood pumping on a Monday morning!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Devina's TGirl of the Day July 17

The Lovely Megan Chevalier. Who wouldn't want to spend  all day Sunday under those sheets with her....

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Silk Trap Pt 2

I was the happiest kid brother in the world when I found out that Anna was going to soon be my sister-in law. Not only would I continue to receive the attention I was getting from her, but being part of our close family meant I would see her more often. By this time my budding adolesence was fixated on Anna and those amazing panties that I brazenly stole a feel and sniff from months earlier. The sensations were seared into my mind and I thought of them often. With the upcoming wedding also meant a new home for them was being built, not far from my parents place meaning Anna would never be more than 10-20 min away. Bliss!

My thoughts at times would drift to all the silky soft things she wore and how amazing they would feel to touch....

Devina's TGirl of the Day July 16

For any guy or budding gurl who has never sucked a cock in their life but has been always curious, how could you say no to this beautiful creature from the heavens?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Devina's Tgirl of the Day, July 15

Happy Friday to all. For your viewing pleasure is the lovely Kimber James.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Panty Silk Trap

From those first moments of discovering the amazing sensations of the silk nightie in my sister's bedroom as a young boy it would seem that for some time that those early deep seated experiences went underground for a few years while normal childhood things took over. It wasn't until I was about 11 years old when my older brother brought home his new girlfriend who would one day become my sister in law.  She was tall, statuesque and beautiful, and she took an immediate shine to me, the kid brother.  Anna would show me plenty of harmless attention but suddenly the seeds that were planted as a small child began their next growth spurt.

I found myself incredibly drawn to this new woman who was incredibly sexy as a nubile 21 yr old coed, and one weekend she stayed over at our house and the opportunity presented itself in the most innocent of ways when I was asked to retrieve extra TV trays from the guest room for dinner that eve. While in the guest room, I couldn't help but notice Anna had her things amongst the room out of her suitcase and when I went for the last TV tray to bring out, I saw them....a pair of Anna's pastel pink lace panties on the floor beside the foot of the bed. I stood there seemingly for what felt like an eternity, gazing at them just lying there.

I was frozen in time, mezmorized by the lace fabric and suddenly all those feelings from the pantyhose and the nightie came flooding back to my pre adolescent mind. Suddenly aware that I may have been seen, I spun around to find no one. Everyone was in the dining room and living room enjoying each other's company. I was all alone with this hypnotic pair of panties calling to me. Drawn in I reached down, hand trembling, heart pounding through my chest to touch them. Like a bolt of electricity the sensation went through me and I grabbed them and held them in my hands. The silken trap was set and I was firmly in it's grasps now.

Suddenly a call for me to come to dinner rocked me from my trance and I dropped them and almost ran to join the others. All that evening and late into the night, all I could think about was how soft they were and how good it felt to hold them. Anna would talk to me as she always would and I swear I was red faced with guilt almost as she knew, but how could she? Anna was just the gateway to the silk trap I was encased in now, and her life and mine would soon intertwine in ways she never could have imagined even to this day...

Devina's TGirl of the Day, July 14

The lovely Vanity, a heavenly combination of beauty and sensuality.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Devina's TGirl of the Day , July 12

One of the most Iconic Shemales in history, the ravishing Christy McNichol from Australia. G'day!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Devina's TGirl of the Day, July 11

Today's Tgirl is the always sultry Kimberly Devine. Who wouldn't want a taste of what's in her panties?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The First Time

Once the seed was planted as a young tot, it no doubt incubated within and as a young child of around 4 or 5, I experienced for the first time the thrill of discovering a woman's silky privates one afternoon as I snooped in my sister's bedroom. It was a black satin nightie that was on the floor and I remember being drawn to it and mezmorized by how shiny and soft it looked. Feeling a sense of not wanting to be discovered, I closed the bedroom door and quietly locked it so not to be discovered.

From there my initial instinct was to feel the satin against my skin and almost as by pure instinct I was trying it on as it swam over me. Far too young to even unerstand what the sensations I was experiencing even meant, I remember being swept over with warm feelings of security and happiness as the silky fabric caressed my skin. That began many an episode where I would began sneaking into my sister's room to try on whatever she had laying on the floor. Each time the warm feelings continued and the seed that was sown earlier in life began to be nurtured by each experience of trying on women's clothing. A sissy was born!

Devina's TGirl of the Day - July 10 2011

The lovely Dani Evangeslita, one of my all time favorite Tgirls. Just gorgeous!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where it all started

They say gurls are born and not made, they just need the proper stimulus to release one's inner femme' personality. For me it stems all the way back to my days as a toddler. My first ever memory of being strongly connected to the silks, satins, lace, and frilly things of Womanhood was as a small child crawling on all fours under the dining table at a gathering in our home. I recall vividly crawling under the table and seeing all the pantyhose clad leggings being worn by all the Women sitting at the table and shyly at first placing my hands on their legs to feel the wonderful sensation of the pantyhose on my skin. I was hooked. At first the Women were startled by this small child laughing, but soon they found it amusing that I was so drawn to their stockings. Little did they know at the time how that positive reinforcement would shape the persona that was at it's infancy at the time.